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Teespring SEO: make more money with less effort

SEO Improvements

Search engine traffic accounts for 10% of visitors to, and we’re pumping up our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts to exponentially grow that in the upcoming months! Because search engines feed on links to surface content, we’ve added a simple dropdown to the universal navigation that contains links for all 500 category pages. This improvement is aimed solely as driving more non-facebook traffic to the Teespring marketplace, thereby increasing overall site conversion!

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 12.22.12 AM

Landing Page Priority

We understand that it takes focus, time and expertise to drive quality traffic directly to campaign pages. To honor your efforts, we instituted a “Landing Page Priority” attribution model- meaning that visitors driven by you will be flagged and exempted from Teespring marketplace costs for the duration of their browsing session. That’s true across all of your campaigns, not just the one that visitor originally landed on.

Example: In the scenario that you drive a visitor to your campaign, they exit, then return to within the 30 minute session window, travel through the marketplace, and end up purchasing from a different one of your campaigns, you still won’t pay a Teespring marketplace fee.

Category Cross Selling

When you drive a visitor to your campaign page, there is always the possibility that they lose interest and instead search from something else on Now, if a visitor browses away from your campaign to another category page, you have another chance to convert with them! With category cross selling, if a visitor navigates to another category via “Shop,” your campaigns will show up in the very top row. (These are auto populated based upon tagging data).  

Cheers Springers! Can’t wait to see these improvements win you more money, with less effort – worry free! 

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  1. Zarak Khan says:

    Wow Cool for Springs , Looking forward for best selling

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