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Teespring power seller shares his take on the Teespring x Google integration

Binh Le is a long-time Teespring seller and early adopter of the new Teespring x Google integration. He originally got into the print on demand (POD) industry in 2015 and has sold over 130k+ units to date. Binh manages a selling team of 8+ people and earns his living selling full-time on Teespring. You might have seen Binh at several Teespring events over the years—he’s a popular speaker at Teespring events and is always keen to share his learnings with the rest of the community.

Binh Le with Teespring Team at Teecon Asia

Binh first got access to the new integration in October 2018. He’s been focused on optimizing his shopping campaigns and has been able to unlock Smart Shopping in just under a month. Here’s what he had to say about his experience with the new Teespring x Google integration so far.


Why are you interested in using Google Shopping?

For years Facebook has been the predominant channel for traffic of the POD industry. Recently, however, this traffic channel has become more and more expensive and difficult to use effectively. My team’s business motto is “never put all your eggs in one basket” and Teespring’s new integration with Google Shopping Ads has created us an opportunity for us to expand advertising beyond Facebook. We are very excited to explore a new channel for promoting our products and finding new buyers. It’s exciting to have the chance to sell on a new “giant tech” advertising platform.


How have you found the setup experience?

This is a new platform for me so there’s a bit of a learning curve, but I was able to get used to quickly and got everything set up fairly quickly.

Binh’s goal is to optimize listings to get the lowest CPAs and highest conversion value possible


What do you like about the Teespring x Google Shopping integration so far?

Teespring simplifies the setup process by creating and managing my product feed.  


  • All the complicated logistics of the feed is managed by Teespring – after setting up by Google AdWords account the product feed was prepped and I could launch my shopping campaigns right away.
  • The Google Product Feed is continuously updated based on my Teespring listings, which is great – I don’t have to worry about updating my feed every time I launch a new listing or edit current listings on Teespring.  
  • Also, it’s possible individual listings can be suspended or disabled, but it’s rare that an entire AdWords accounts is suspended. This is an issue I constantly worry about with Facebook—their policies are always changing and it’s hard to keep up.


  • Sellers don’t currently have the ability to access the data related to custom labels to optimize the selling strategy – example storefronts, event, discount etc. I hope Teespring can offer this ability in the future.

How do Google Shopping ads compare to Facebook ads?

I find Google Shopping ads easier to manage compared to Facebook ads. The time required to create and manage a Google Shopping campaign is also shorter. But I feel like it’s harder to scale up a Google Shopping Ad…this is something I’m still working to master.

Binh Le sharing his story with attendees at Teecon Asia


How has your marketing strategy changed now that you have access to the Teespring x Google Shopping integration?

Next year I want to try to balance my sales traffic to listings from both Google & Facebook. After that I will set up the main traffic channel accordingly if Google Shopping provides higher ROI—Facebook Ads can still be a great tool for retargeting.


Are you currently driving sales with Google ads?

I’m still learning, testing and making mistakes as I go. I have a few shopping campaigns with a return on ad spend (ROAS) of over 10x, but I haven’t managed to scale them successfully yet. I have acquired 20+ conversions though and now have access to Smart Shopping campaigns.

Now he’s unlocked Smart Shopping to help him find buyers who offer the highest conversion value


Would you recommend the Teespring x Google Shopping integration to other sellers?

Definitely! I’ve been selling with Teespring for years and they’re constantly creating powerful new tools like Google Shopping, Boosted Network, and Teespring Marketing to help me increase sales. These features combined with their dependable, quality support makes Teespring the number one choice for me and my team.  


Thank you Binh Le for sharing your story!  Want access to the Teespring x Google Integration?




6 responses to “Teespring power seller shares his take on the Teespring x Google integration

  1. Joy Chisman says:

    My question is can I do this on my own pick a design like from your design or have my own design do this as my business if I can please tell me what I need to do. If not I understand thank you

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Joy, I’m not sure what you mean — can you clarify? Thanks!

  2. Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful article.

    Thanks for supplying this information.

  3. Elizabeth Sorto says:

    I love this stories!! I want grow on teespring also and this inspired me to keep going!!

  4. Karen Shamhart says:

    I have contacted your business for the last month. My tee shirt is to big and I received an email telling me I have a free shirt in my size and to use my case number. I have done this several times with no returned answer. What do I need to do to get my correct size? I. I need a 1x purple nurse tee shirt. My case # is 02302493. Please answer.

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey there, we apologize for the delay. We normally respond to support contacts within 24 business hours, but due to the challenges posed by COVID-19 our volumes are at an unprecedented high. We’re working around the clock to assist everyone and return to our normal response times. Please try reaching out on social media platforms (twitter, instagram) and we may be able to assist you there!

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