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34 responses to “4 ways Teespring plans to kill copycats and content issues in 2018

  1. Avatar Berk says:

    I am glad this perfect community starting with better system


  2. Avatar Adrian Graham says:

    Thanks for the update and your support.

  3. Avatar Samiyah Holman says:

    Hello! I would like to suggest the creation of an app for this site so that products can be created from cellphones. I personally use my cellphone for everything, and it will be less hassme to have an app for teespring where I may create products as well as track campaign progress.
    -Thank You

  4. Avatar sharmaine P. knowles says:

    Having this in place is very necessary for persons such myself. To protect my designs protected from copycats. If I can’t get paid for my work because someone else would have already stolen my design and making tons of dollars is distasteful.

    1. Avatar Trìcia says:

      Completely agree not everyone uses or has a computers lots of people use their phones or iPad/tablets

  5. Avatar Millicent Peters says:

    Thank-you for implementing these policies to deter and eradicate copyright infringers from your site. I am proud of you guys for taking the necessary stance in protecting the artists/designers hard work and our income. It’s my hope that these policies will be strictly enforced and everyone will be properly informed beforehand of the actions and consequences that will be taken against them if the rules are not followed. I will continue to monitor your site for any infractions regarding my designs and I will consider to reinstate my business with you once I see a viable change.

  6. Avatar Jason meyer says:

    Suggest that you stop allowing jpegs which can easily be taken off the Internet. I may have 100 designs on your site that have been copied and used on your site. I’ve reported 3 different designs where multiple sellers are using the same stolen design on their product. What if I’m accused of copying and I have the original illustration?

    1. Kate Shoaf Kate Shoaf says:

      If you are the original creator / can prove original launch date you should be fine.

  7. Avatar Reg Marchant says:

    I would like to see all the dead profiles removed also, if someone has not been active for more than 3 months… for example remove all there content or hide from view, so the new comers have a chance.
    So Many Crap Designs Cluttering the Site, No Disrespect to the Designers, But do they have any intention of improving or wanting to make a go of this.

    1. Kate Shoaf Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Reg – this is something we’re looking into.

  8. Avatar ShananigansTees says:


  9. Avatar Mark Towle says:

    Great news you guys are awesome. I have several unique campaigns i want to launch and have been worried about this. I’ve even seen some tutorial videos from folks who just copy existing ideas rather than come up with their own. Thanks for the help. I’m just getting started but hoping for a good year.

  10. Avatar Daniel says:

    This is some great and well needed improvements. Great work Teespring team!

  11. Avatar JoeHx says:

    This is a good time for everyone to review the terms, just in case you don’t know you’re not supposed to be doing something.

  12. Avatar CHEE HOO808! says:

    This is great news!! Catch these snakes. I do like the outsource you’ve been using to print. Thank you Teespring.

  13. Avatar Reazul Karim says:

    Feeling very blessed to hear that.. Thanks a lot for that.

  14. Avatar Tina Holloway says:

    How do I use Teespring for my business and how do I start

    1. Kate Shoaf Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Tina – check out the Training Center to get started 🙂

  15. Avatar moksud ahmed says:


  16. Avatar Nia says:

    This is wonderful news! I will get back to designing on this site = )

  17. Avatar Gerry (Toucan Store) says:

    Thanks so much… You would not believe some of the horror stories I have -and have heard from other artists!
    Its very disconcerting to be ripped off in an already difficult profession, so well done Teespring – Kate Shoaf -and thanks for your vigilance!!!

  18. Avatar Andrew (BittersXBourbonSupplyCo. Store) says:

    awesome! Every artist deserves to be protected! 😀

  19. Avatar Mary-Dale Amison says:

    Hi Kate Shoaf….speaking of working with original designs….
    I sent a message to seller support, but canyou also advocate with your programmers to have a side view of all leggings on your main page? It’s does Teespring and us as your sellers zero good if a buyer is skimming through leggings and can’t see the actual design because they’re seeing a front view only! At first the response back I got from seller support was that’s the way it is, sorry, you can only get side views from the actual seller’s page. I emailed back to elevate this to a higher level. Your programmers are great at web design, but not marketing. Treating the way leggins are viewed as if they were a Tee shirt is wrong. We expect the design to be mainly on the front of a tee shirt, but leggings are different. All leggings designs would benefit from a side view and buyers will be able to see all products without having to click on a link. Thank you for your consideration.

    1. Kate Shoaf Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Mary-Dale – it would be good to offer the view to select front or side view (similar to how we offer this with t-shirts). I’ll pass on this feedback. Cheers.

  20. Avatar twentyfiee says:

    Can I get back my account if already get suspended?
    Please help me, how to?

    1. Kate Shoaf Kate Shoaf says:

      Please contact for more information.

  21. Avatar vip english says:

    Respect to post author, some wonderful information.

  22. Avatar Muhammad Faraz Khan says:

    I create my own design, I am launched many campaign but failed to get any sell I have no budget for advertisement, and I am already done free posting method on social sites. is any way to get any sell organically from teespring site because I do my best for designing and marketing, I need to boosted network as far as possible for my success otherwise I lose hope from this platform

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  24. Avatar Marika says:

    What if our design or brand is not yet registered or trademarked. How safe is it to use this platform?

  25. Avatar Nkechi Obiloi I Joshua says:

    Hi Nkechi. yu can call me Grace.please i want to inquire if reports are maintained on us in review and monitoring of our on going performances.
    Coming back now, I need to know not to go against tee-spring’s policy and standards .
    Thanks a Lot.

  26. Avatar amraoui says:

    How do I get my own score

    1. Avatar Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Amraoui, I’m not sure what you mean. Any questions can be directed to

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