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Teespring increases your profit by 40%

Over the past six months, you’ve likely noticed a big increase in the number of sales you’re receiving that from Teespring. That’s no mistake, we’ve been working hard to help you drive sales and that work has paid off: Teespring now increases the average seller’s profit by 40%+!

Here’s where the boost comes from:

  • Buyers coming back to shop on We’ve delivered more than 20m products to happy customers. Many of those customers have such a good experience they choose to come back and browse to shop and see what else is available!
  • Automated advertising: Our team has developed a unique, in-house system that allows us to automatically advertise on your behalf both with retargeting, and with proactive advertising (on channels outside of Facebook).

How can I see the number of sales the Teespring is generating for me?

In your Teespring account, within each of your campaigns’ analytics dashboard is a “Teespring Driven Sales” table. Here you can see a breakdown of all your Teespring Driven sales in one place. You can see the amount of orders that have been generated, the total number of units reserved and the total acquisition cost.

How can I opt in to your Seller Marketing programs?

All you have to do is sign into your Teespring account, go to “Settings” in your dashboard and update your profile preferences. Make sure to check all the boxes in the “Increase Your Sales” section as show below.

Cheers to you, Teespring Sellers, on making the most profit, with the least amount of effort – worry free.

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