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Your Teespring guide to Halloween 2017

Halloween (October 31st) is fast approaching so it’s time to step up your spooky design skills! This holiday is widely celebrated in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, and Canada as well as several other European countries. People prepare for Halloween by decorating their houses with jack-o’-lanterns, spider webs, skeletons and other scary items. It’s common for people to organize costume parties and haunted houses with colleagues, family and friends too. Teespring sellers can start preparing for the festivities by creating Halloween themed apparel, costumes, decorations, and more on!

Create cool combos buyers will love!


Boost your Halloween designs for extra sales

There are lots of opportunities for you to get your Halloween designs sold through the Boosted Network and Teespring Marketing this year. We’ll be looking for campaigns with the hashtag #BoostedHalloween in their campaign description as we add more content to Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and the Teespring Marketplace leading up to October 31st. We want to add edgy, funny, trendy and original Halloween designs and don’t forget you can put a spooky twist on existing niches too. Keep in mind all “boosted” designs will need to comply with our design guidelines too!


Teespring listings will be featured on eBay this Halloween


Creepy costume & product combo inspiration

Ok, you don’t have to make your designs creepy, but Halloween presents a great opportunity to create fun (and easy!) costumes for buyers. Statista has some interesting data on Halloween trends that can also inspire your designs. Animal costumes were popular last year for example, and it’s a concept you can easily incorporate into new designs.

You should try promoting product combinations too; for example a matching t-shirt and onesie that can be used as a costumes (for parents taking their kids trick or treating),  or matching tees and socks people can wear to work or school. Don’t forget tote bags can make great trick-or-treating bags (and gifts) as well!


Who will be dying to buy your designs this year?

Kids aren’t the only ones who will be enjoying Halloween festivities. According to Statista 171 million Americans celebrated Halloween in 2016. Over 34% of adults planned on throwing or attending a Halloween party and almost 30% planned on taking their children trick or treating. Think about how you can adapt Halloween to existing niches too; teachers and other professionals may want to incorporate a spooky flair into their wardrobe as well. Don’t forget Teespring’s new products offer shoppers a chance to decorate their homes, offices, classrooms, etc. with quality decor products too (pillows, flags, canvas prints, posters).  


Keep delivery deadlines in mind

This year Halloween (October 31st) falls on a Tuesday, so it’s likely people will celebrate on the Friday and Saturday beforehand (October 27th – 29th). Make sure to keep the following cutoff dates in mind so buyers can receive their items by October 27th. Don’t forget campaigns need to END by the specified date for standard shipping. Buyers need to place their ORDER by the specified date to receive their item in time if they choose rush shipping instead.  

  • US fulfillment
    • Domestic: End campaign by Oct 16th
    • International: End campaign by Oct 9th
    • Rush Domestic: Order by Oct 23rd
  • EU fulfillment
    • UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden: End campaign by Oct 11
    • Rest of EU countries: End campaign by Oct 4th
    • Rush UK: Order by Oct 23rd
    • Rush EU: Order by Oct 22nd


Socks are a fun and discreet way for buyers to show their Halloween spirit at the office



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