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TeespringGo: How to sell anything with Teespring

So you have a Teespring store, you know your audience, you have a great line of Teespring merch…but you need something more. Perhaps you’re a chef looking to expand your product line from branded apparel to wooden spoons and aprons—or you’re sourcing products and shipping them out from your mom’s basement…how do you take your merch line to the next level?

Teespring has the solution to your fulfillment needs with TeespringGo—an initiative that unlocks the ability for you to sell anything and everything! And the best part? You’ll still get all the perks of selling with Teespring like order fulfillment and customer support. Interested in using TeespringGo? We’d love to hear what you’re interested in selling!


Our services

TeespringGo offers two core services: the first is fulfillment and the second is sourcing + fulfillment.

1) Fulfillment service

Don’t let fulfillment logistics hold you back! Teespring can help you fulfill orders for products you’ve already sourced. Send your products to our facility in the US and we’ll work with you to add the product to your Teespring listing (and Merch Shelf) so you can start selling!

  • What’s included: Send us your inventory and we’ll store it for you at our warehouse, create product mockups, launch your listing, fulfill orders, take care of your customers, and send you the profits.
  • What it costs: Our service fee is 15% of the product’s selling price (minimum $2). You’ll keep all the remaining profit.
  • What to keep in mind: Ensure you are sourcing products from a reputable vendor—we may require things like safety certifications in order to fulfill your products. Also please note that inventory storage is limited to 60 days from the launch date of the listing or from the last sales date. 


2) Sourcing + fulfillment service

Want to sell something new but don’t know how where to start? We’re here to help! Tell us what you want to sell and we’ll help you find a trusted vendor to source the product from.

  • What’s included: We’ll help you source a custom product from a reputable vendor, store your inventory, launch your listing, fulfill orders, take care of your customers, and send you the profits.
  • What it costs: Our service fee is 15% of the product’s selling price (minimum $2).
  • What to keep in mind: Don’t forget that because these products are not produced on demand you’ll need to purchase inventory before you can start selling. Also, due to the time and resources it takes to source completely custom products you’ll be asked to provide a deposit upfront before the research process begins. This deposit will go towards the overall cost of your inventory once you place your order. Lastly, keep in mind that inventory storage is limited to 60 days from the launch date of the listing or from the last sale date. 


Unlocking TeespringGo

Keep in mind you need to ‘unlock’ TeespringGo in the Teespring Launcher in order to submit your requests. To unlock these services create a Teespring account, start selling, and maintain a good trust score by complying with Teespring’s design policy. Once you’ve unlocked TeespringGo we’ll notify you via email.

Learn more about TeespringGo now.




10 responses to “TeespringGo: How to sell anything with Teespring

  1. ernesto says:

    Good day be yours.I have been fascinated with Teespring ways and means and have just come to this Teespring Go . Yes please, i wish to avail of your 15% service fee for my listings Considering that you have a greater access to global market and trends please do so at your convenience. May this message serve as proof of my consentt with Teespring and my storefront named Manfishers . And please inform me if my listings on Manfishers is worth your time for a mutual business gain. I do not omit to say thank you in advance and pray Teespring will sooner or later open the door for me. Very grateful .

    1. Amy morales says:


  2. br hooligan says:

    im lost here…….I can try to design stuff……..but then my head fizzled out

  3. Hillary Marek says:

    I buy previously loved clothing then customize, repair and sometimes redesign the items, making them a 100% original couture design. Do you only sell print on demand type items or would my inventory be applicable for this service as well? –
    Hillary Marek
    Hillary’s of Houston
    Luxury Clothing & Vintage Boutique.
    PS to see an example a few of my design originals are listed under brand name “Wabi Sabi ❤️ Every Body” on

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Hillary, typically we only do print-on-demand items. However, we have our TeespringGo service for sourcing and holding inventory that you may be interested in.

  4. Nick Lewis says:

    Hi, trying to help a Youtube tractor create a merchandise store and want to offer a custom product for TeeSpring to fulfill. How long does the creator need a TeeSpring account to Unlock TeeSpring Go? Is there anyway the waiting period can be waived?

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey Nick, if you drop an email to [email protected] they can help you with this query 🙂

  5. Sam says:

    You dont make plushies anymore or do you

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey, plushies are a TeespringGo product, therefore once you’ve ‘unlocked’ plushies in the Teespring Launcher you’ll see the plushie request form. To unlock this product you need to increase your sales history and maintain a good trust score by complying with Teespring’s design policy.

  6. gamer playz says:

    its great but for premium there should be no need premium I just need to remove teespring from my link

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