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Teespring announces expansion of boosted network in Asia

This week the Teespring Team announced its plans to expand the Boosted Network into new Asian marketplaces. This strategic move will enable Teespring sellers to tap into the most engaged global marketplaces and fuel continued growth throughout 2018.  

Eastern e-commerce growth

The opportunities out east are too good to pass up; massive e-commerce growth in eastern markets can drive additional Boosted Network sales for Teespring users. Jouzas “Joe” Kaziukenas, the founder of Marketplace Pulse and leading global eCommerce expert summed up the size of the opportunity.

“In 2017, China surpassed one trillion dollars in e-commerce volume for the first time, more than twice as big as US e-commerce. In fact, the largest e-commerce marketplace company Alibaba which controls such sites as Taobao and Tmall transacted more sales than all of US e-commerce. Compared to the US, e-commerce in Asia is not a convenience feature, but instead an essential need.”

Empowering Teespring sellers

Teespring is an e-commerce platform that empowers sellers (‘micro brands’) by enabling them to sell their own products and create their own brands without cost or risk. The Boosted Network functions as marketing technology designed to help sellers share their products to wider audiences through deep integrations, data science, and machine learning. As online niche-communities continue to grow and transcend borders, micro-brands are finding a larger audience among global consumers.  Chris L., VP Commercial Growth at Teespring, confirmed the deciding factor for this expansion is primarily unlocking new customer groups for Teespring’s seller community.

“We have seen positive signs in helping automate marketing for our micro-brand creators and believe that adding these new relationships will unlock a totally new customer base.”

These new integrations will be tested throughout the month of March. Top marketplace contenders include, Tmall and Japanese marketplace Rakuten.

In the coming weeks, we will keep the community updated on global marketplace expansion progress.



19 responses to “Teespring announces expansion of boosted network in Asia

  1. Shamim Ara Akhter Shammy says:

    Great news, lovely. Wish get more sell.


  2. barmalisiRTB says:

    Good luck and allow my store lots of sales.

  3. Susan Lind-Kanne says:

    This is GREAT!!! I would love to channel more people to my stores. I work hard to promote my designs. Your help taking e my designs global is appreciated and AWESOME!!!

  4. Gildas makaya says:

    This is a great pportunity for sellers like us to get more results and experience the joy of making money outside of United States.
    We welcome this project with excitement.

  5. Anik says:

    That’s great.

  6. Dr. Donna M. Sherwood says:


  7. Ken Lafrentz says:

    That would be awesome, I have 60 campaigns with no sales. I’m spending and losing lots of money trying to promote my designs. Hopefully this new system will change all of that. Great job guys.

  8. daniel says:

    what about hashtags? Do we have to change something here or are they getting translated into the asian languages… and what is the margin? I am in asia right now… and shirts here are pretty darn cheap…

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Daniel – check out this post to learn about hashtags.

      1. Al Fuad says:


      2. Samantha Pierce says:

        Is Teespring available to creators and sellers worldwide?

        1. Lucy Ford says:

          Hi Samantha, yes it is!

  9. Andy Burkhart says:

    I didn’t see any shirts with Mississippi on them

  10. Md K Ashim says:

    That’s Really AWESOME!!!

    1. E Guthrie says:

      Thanks this was very valuable feedback.

  11. john japri says:

    at least a wide open opportunity for asia develops income actively and passively

  12. E Guthrie says:

    Thanks this was very valuable feedback. i look forward to even greater global expansion.

  13. Emmanuel Igwebike says:

    Wow, i have not yet found my footing, I hope that one day I will discover the secret, I have only sold one item, lol to God be the glory. I will be thrilled to know that someone that far is wearing my design. Congratulations Teespring for taking us along and looking out for your designers

  14. zahedul says:

    nice so nice

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