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New product: Teespring Canvases are available for a limited time

We’re excited to offer more products to the Teespring Community! The submission process for canvases will be similar to pillows so please pay special attention to the instructions below–please note the submission period will be from March 20th to 24th.

NOTE: Due to high demand for these new products, we are limiting the number of requests based on sales history. The more historical sales you have, the more campaigns you are able to submit.

  • 1 to 299 unit sold: 2 campaigns
  • 300 to 1,999 units sold: 5 campaigns
  • 2,000 t0 5,999 units sold: 8 campaigns
  • 6,000 and up: unlimited submissions (within specified time frame)

Product Details

  • Size: 16×20”
  • Design placement: by default there will be a ½” gap (border) between canvas edge and artwork (see screenshot below)—this will help ensure designs are properly centered. If you want to remove this border (for full frame designs) you will need to contact and include your campaign URL—keep in mind full frame designs will need to be exactly 16×20” or you’ll risk trimming in production.
  • Orientation: Portrait 16×20” (vertical) or Landscape 20×16” (horizontal)
  • Base cost: $17.09
  • Selling price: generally we recommend a selling price of $29.99—but keep in mind some sellers have had success with pricing canvases from $50 to $70 too.

The default design border is used to ensure designs are centered on the canvas.

Need design inspiration?

A good place to start is with your past buyers—many sellers are finding success with canvases and other homeware products by tapping into their previously successful niches. Review your most successful designs—are there some you think your buyers would be happy or proud to display within their home or office? If you’re looking to design something new, check out our design tips for pillows—these tips can also be applied to other home decor products like canvases.

Product FAQs

  • Canvas prints are available for U.S. campaigns only (at this time).
  • You can add one canvas per campaign—the default canvas print color will match the featured product of the campaign you submit (i.e. if your featured product is a black shirt, we will add the canvas with black background to your campaign).
  • Canvases CANNOT be combined with other products—they we be separate campaigns.

Example of canvas with “portrait” orientation.

Launch process FAQs

  • You must submit LAUNCHED campaigns using the form (including live or ended campaigns)—the design of the campaign you submit will be the design featured on your canvas.
  • Submitted campaigns must have a goal of 1 (300 DPI).
  • We will make a copy of the campaign you submit and launch a new campaign draft which includes your canvas.
  • Once your request is processed you will receive an email notification with a link to your campaign draft. You will be able to review the design, edit the URL, title, description and selling price before making it live. To check if any of your campaigns have been drafted please follow this link.
  • We are accepting canvas submissions from March 20th – March 24th (afterwards the form will not accept new submissions).
  • We plan to offer the products to all sellers again in the future—for now we need to test product demand and order fulfillment on a larger scale (hence the limited launch window).
  • You can set your canvas campaigns to continuous relaunch (once added to a campaign you can continue to sell canvases indefinitely—even after March 24th). 



4 responses to “New product: Teespring Canvases are available for a limited time

  1. Wendi Williams says:

    Missed the deadline. Any idea when the campaign will reopen?

    1. Kate ShoafKate Shoaf says:

      Hey Wendy, we’re planning to offer these products again the in the next few weeks.

  2. Lucas Rowley says:

    Hello I’m not able to publish a canvas…it says I can’t open the form…help!!

    1. Kate ShoafKate Shoaf says:

      Please contact for assistance with specialty products.

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