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Teespring announces new initiative to boost holiday sales

Heads up! We’ve got some exciting plans for October. As the holiday season approaches we’re dedicated to ensuring you’re able to capture as many sales as possible. This means we’re not only focusing on platform stability and speed, but also optimizing listing pages and stores to generate more sales.

We’re teaming up!

We’re teaming up with a tech agency to run several optimization initiatives during the month of October. This agency has worked with companies like Domino’s and L’Oréal to successfully increase conversions and revenue from website traffic. They’re experts in building strategy and creatives on eCommerce websites and we’re excited to help users achieve more sales from audiences and shoppers.  


What to expect

During the month of October we’ll be running several initiatives across the site for mobile and desktop. They are designed to increase conversions (sales) on listing pages and are consistent with industry best practices.  Note that some shoppers will see these initiatives and some will not—this helps us to determine which ones work best. 

Above are some examples of how we will use creative messaging to encourage shoppers to purchase. Our chosen themes revolve around urgency, quality guarantee, and platform trust. We’re confident sellers will see a positive impact from these initiatives and we plan to implement top performers in time for the holiday season!



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