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TeeCon speaker series: Walker Williams

We caught up with Walker Williams, Teespring founder and CEO, about what he is most excited about sharing with the Springer community at the upcoming TeeCon in Barcelona this June.


What are you most proud about the Teespring platform that you founded? I’m most proud to play a small role in the incredible accomplishments of the creators who use Teespring. Hearing the stories of people who use our platform to change their lives makes all the hard work more than worth it. Whether it’s someone paying off their mortgage, finding the flexibility to spend more time with family, or raising money for a great cause, it’s incredibly rewarding to be even a small part of our creator’s stories.

What inspires you most about working with the Springer community? Having the chance the to work with so many entrepreneurs. Creators on Teespring are truly entrepreneurs building their business, and I feel a connection with them in that I had the same instincts and drive when I started Teespring. Knowing that we have these tens of thousands of creative people who are passionate about what they are building with Teespring and being able to serve them.

What information are you looking forward to sharing with fellow Springers at TeeCon Barcelona? I’m excited to talk about the future of Teespring. Where we’re going, and why this is just the beginning of what’s possible.

What are you most excited about for TeeCon Barcelona? Being able to put faces to the names of many of the folks I’ve spent so long talking online to!

Thanks Walker! Springers, we hope to see you soon in Barcelona 🙂

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