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TeeCon Barcelona speaker spotlight: Maria Claudio

Maria Claudio – Global Performance Marketing, Facebook

Her background on Wall Street fueled an early interest in affiliate marketing and has led to her specialization in ad targeting and optimization. She’s looking forward to sharing information on how Facebook auction works, targeting and ad policy best practices – as well as to collecting Teespring specific FB feedback at TeeCon Barcelona!

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Teecon Barcelona is the only place to be this year if you want to take your business to the next level – there’s no other place where you will have the ability to learn more about behind-the-scene initiatives from the Teespring Team first hand! Read on to discover a little bit more Maria and be sure to grab your TeeCon ticket HERE to meet her in person this June!

Please share some insight on your role as the lead of the Global Performance Marketing team at Facebook – what does this entail?

Ensuring we are servicing and meeting the needs of our advertisers’ business objectives is the number one goal of our team. To meet those needs it is important we stay up to date on the latest product, industry and analytic information in the digital space.

How did you first become interested in feed ad products, targeting and optimisation?

In the direct response space, the backbone of most successfully running media is testing, iterating and optimizing, almost like day traders in the stock market.

With my background on Wall Street, I found the affiliate/ DR space the most interesting because of all the levers at play such as ad products, targeting and optimization as tweaking only one of the three levers will provide you with an entirely different set of metrics. Looking at these three areas both in silo and together provide fascinating stat set which is something that has always interested me.

What information are you looking forward to sharing at TeeCon Barcelona?

I plan to share a high level of how our auction works, targeting and ad policy best practices. More importantly, I want to hear from the audience and take questions so I am most looking forward to opening it up for Q&A.

What are you most excited about for TeeCon Barcelona?

I am interested in learning more about the affiliate marketing space given how vast and dynamic each individual advertiser is. I also look forward to meeting different people from around the world as it is an incredible networking opportunity.


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