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10 tips to help you supercharge your holiday sales with Teespring

We’re heading towards the most profitable period of the year…are you ready? Check out our tips on holiday design inspiration and selling tactics to help supercharge your sales this year.

1. Check your event calendar and prepare ahead of time

November and December are jam-packed with shopping events you won’t want to miss. Have you heard of National Ugly Sweater Day for example? It’s a day where people wear “ugly Christmas sweaters” to work, school, and parties—shoppers will be looking for fun and unique designs to wear so don’t let them down!  


2. Create holiday themed designs

Speaking of “ugly sweaters”…don’t forget you can adapt evergreen or trending niches to the holidays. For example, creating an ugly sweater for horse owners (evergreen) or incorporating current political views into an ugly sweater design (trending). Check out Alison Scott’s tips for finding holiday design inspiration and more here.


3. Utilize the power of social proof

You’ve been racking up sales all year and growing your buyer base…now it’s time to use them! Focus on collecting social proof from happy customers in the form of photos and reviews. You can use this material in your holiday marketing campaigns like buyer emails, Facebook ads, etc.


4. Offer earlybird sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday kickoff the holiday shopping frenzy every year. Teespring sellers can capitalize on the hype and save ad costs by offering discounts the week leading up to Black Friday/Cyber Monday (try offering “earlybird” discounts).


5. Take advantage of rush shipping

Rush shipping means you’ll have the longest selling period possible with Teespring. Check out our extended holiday cutoff dates and learn how one seller increases her sales by combining rush shipping and discount codes.


6. Target people buying gifts

Sometimes sellers get so caught up in their niche they forget the whole “gift” aspect of the holidays. If you’re using ads to push your products you need to remember to also advertise to family/friends related to your niche. You can use language like “the perfect gift for the biker in your life” or “your husband will love this” in campaign descriptions, ads, or when sharing online.


7. Go global this year

The U.S. isn’t the only country with massive online sales over the holidays. In the UK for example, online spending rose to £1.9 billion on Cyber Monday in 2016. With the ability to create global campaigns, Teespring’s Boosted Network expansion in the EU, and consistent top selling countries you won’t want to lose out on these extra sales!


8. Make sure your minimum print & lifecycle are optimized

Don’t forget you just need to sell 1 item for orders to go to print. Also your products can be “always available” or evergreen. If you plan to sell products from old campaigns make sure your settings are up to date!


9. Expand your product offering

Add some variety to your campaigns by including new products! Shoppers may want to get their hands on matching socks to go with that ugly sweater. Learn how to add new products to existing US campaigns in the Teespring Training Center now. 😉


10. Get more sales through Teespring’s powerful integrations

You should opt-in to the Boosted Network if you haven’t already. This powerful marketing tool can drive a significant amount of incremental sales (as much as 50% for some sellers)—don’t miss out!



4 responses to “10 tips to help you supercharge your holiday sales with Teespring

  1. Marcus says:

    You should really add a promotion code box to the check out

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      We actually found conversions to be higher with this promocode type – less clicks required on the buyer’s part.

      1. Don Twine says:

        I understand, but I agree that there still needs to be an option for a promo code at checkout. Especially for days like Black Friday when I want to discount everything in my shop, not just specific items.

  2. john says:

    anybody suggestation niche better work me……

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