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Super fan revolution: the Teespring insights mini-series

Teespring has released it’s first ever three-part mini-series diving into how to engage and sell to the powerful Generation Z.

Teespring’s research indicates that 40% of creators who signed up to the Teespring YouTube Partnership in 2018 are part of Gen Z, or targeting Gen Z audiences with their merch.

Our first episode – ‘The State of Youth’ – looks to help you understand the world’s fastest-growing demographic. What defines them, how they spend their money and how you, as a content creator, can reach them by selling through Teespring.


Episode two; ‘Fandoms & Fantail’ looks even closer at online communities, how to form a fandom and emerging tactics for fan retail – or fantail. We’ll also share the Teespring tools and strategies you can use to connect and sell more effectively to your Gen Z audience.

Episode three: ‘Harnessing the Hype’ deep-dives into key tactics to hype your fans and engage your audience.

Check out the other two episodes over on our Super Fan Revolution: Selling and Engaging with Generation Z playlist on the Teespring YouTube Channel

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