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Check out the hottest design trends to sell this summer

Summer is in full swing and our in-house trends expert, Laura Ewing, has got some new design trends to share! This year, summer is all about bold, bright prints—perfect for all-over print products (sublimation). Illusions, loud statements, and classic motifs are all on trend this year as well. Read on for Laura’s top picks.


Talk to the palm

A classic choice, palm leaves are a go-to shape when designing for warmer weather. This year is no different, with the pattern showing up on nearly everything in Teespring’s catalog.

Try mixing this pattern with design elements related to your audience for a unique take on a current design. Check out the tutorial below on how to create your own custom patterns for all-over print products.


Beach please

2019 is the year of being bold! Sassy, subversive statements are in and are highlighted by bold fonts, vibrant colors, and capital lettering. Play-on-words, innuendos, and rhyming all pair well with this trend.


Eat, sleep, beach, repeat

Nearly 100 million Americans are planning on taking a trip, with 257.4 million expected to fly between June 1st and August 31st. Take advantage of these numbers by designing with the traveler in mind—globe or aviation themes remain popular, as well as warm weather items like swimsuits and towels.


Mermaid scales

Some of the coolest new items at Teespring are all-over print products, and what better way to try these out that with mermaid scales? Kids will love these iridescent-inspired colorways and special effects they provide. Apply this design concept to beach towels, home decor products, swimsuits, blankets, and more with Teespring.


Flamingo pink

Flamingoes have recently surged in popularity across e-commerce marketplaces. Fashion searches for “flamingo” increased over 105% last year on Lyst and the flamingo emoji was just released this February. This is expected to be a top-selling design category this summer so try it out for yourself.

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9 responses to “Check out the hottest design trends to sell this summer

  1. said mahamed says:

    top explaination so i need this i have been watcyh

  2. Jack moris says:

    Good concept!!!!

  3. Larrisa Bray says:

    I don’t have a print all over option?

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Larrisa, all-over print products are part of our specialty products. You will be granted access to these products once you’ve hit a certain sales threshold.

  4. jermaine gray says:

    how do I get to start doing all-over print, I am very much interested

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Jermaine, stay tuned in the next 2 weeks and you should have access 😉

  5. Godwin Edem says:

    thank you

  6. charlene says:

    i have been trying everything to get an issue help i have e-mailed and ask for help and i am not getting any responses back please help

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Charlene, what do you need help with?

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