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Create Christmas stockings & tree skirts for the holiday season

This holiday season we’ve released two holiday specialty products for you to create and sell…Christmas stockings and Christmas tree skirts! These products work perfectly as gift options and are a great way to inject even more festivity into the home. Keep reading to learn more about each product and how to create them. Please note these are specialty products, which means you have to unlock them in the launcher to sell them. Visit the launcher now to see if you’ve unlocked this product.

Christmas stockings

Christmas stockings are a staple for any home celebrating the holiday period–the signature sock shaped pouch is often used to put small gifts into. Our Christmas stockings are made from a faux-linen material, and feature double sided sublimation for complete customization. See the image below for some ideas on how you could customize this product. Additionally check out our ultimate holiday sweater guide, for design inspiration based on 2019’s top holiday design trends.


Christmas tree skirts

Christmas tree skirts are wrapped around the bottom of a Christmas tree to add some extra festivity. Made from faux-linen material, our Christmas tree skirts feature single-sided decoration and are decorated using sublimation printing. The size of this product is 44 inches round and can be adjusted to fit around almost any tree.  See the image below for some examples of the Christmas tree skirt!


How to create holiday products

As mentioned, these are speciality products which means you will need to unlock them first in the launcher to create them. Once unlocked, use the templates provided in the launcher to create your design.  

Once your design is ready, head to the Teespring Launcher and select the product you want to create. Fill out the product request form and upload your design. We aim to process all requests within 24-48 business hours and will notify you via email once it’s live. 

Head to the launcher to see if you’ve unlocked these products!


Pumba the dog shows off his tree skirt + Christmas stocking  ???? 


2 responses to “Create Christmas stockings & tree skirts for the holiday season

  1. Rikki says:

    HOW do you unlock the christmas products?

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey Rikki, as mentioned in the post these products are speciality, you can learn how to unlock them here

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