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Create and sell socks with Teespring

New product alert! This month we released beach towels, flags, and phone cases and today we’re adding socks to Teespring’s product offering. Our crew socks not only offer warmth and protection for feet—they’re also a fun way for buyers to express themselves! Keep in mind socks can make great gifts due to their unisex and one-size-fits-all design.

  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • All over print: Fully sublimated printing
  • One size fits all (socks are 1.5ft long)
  • Ribbed section at the top

When it comes to design options the possibilities are endless. Try testing new patterns based on top selling designs and promote socks as add-on items to complement other products.

We recommend uploading designs that are 1350 x 5700 pixels for an “all over” print. Your design will be applied to the front and back of the socks—keep in mind the top and heel of the socks are black (see photo above). If you add an all-over print we recommend selecting “standard” as the default product color option to avoid buyer confusion.


Looking for niche and design inspiration?




2 responses to “Create and sell socks with Teespring

  1. Stephanie Redmon says:

    Im new to tee spring and Im trying to figure out what sells . I have a few shirts on tee spring for little over a week and NO sales but Im wondering what I need to do .. I have been posting on fb only getting likes not sells.. Also what else sells well. Once the campaign is launched what is the best way to get prodduct out so folks will buy, need some help.. Thanks

  2. okaysocks says:

    Such a Great Job Teespring. you have a collections for socks with different different designs , i got huge information from your blog.

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