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Sell more on Teespring’s boosted network with faster shipping options

Teespring’s Boosted Network has generated hundreds of thousands of sales for our seller community and we’re aiming to break more sales records in the coming months. This year we’re focused on optimizing current listings, increasing the number of quality listings, and exploring new marketplace integrations. Shipping plays an important role in optimizing current listings and today we’re excited to announce we’ve unlocked new conversion boosting features that will lead to even more Boosted Network sales—eBay Guaranteed Delivery and Wish Express!

eBay Guaranteed Delivery

We know 60% of shoppers are more likely to choose a retailer that can accurately predict delivery dates and 72% of online shoppers say on-time delivery is the number-one reason they return to retailers. For this reason, eBay launched Guaranteed Delivery in August 2017. This initiative is still relatively new and therefore offered to an exclusive group of eBay vendors. Due to Teespring’s brand credibility, product quality guarantee, and production abilities we are able to offer Guaranteed Delivery on most Teespring eBay listings. Buyers love this feature because they can filter search results based on the guaranteed delivery date they need. This means more of your listings will be shown to eBay shoppers in search results leading to more sales opportunities!


Wish Express

Similar to eBay Guaranteed Delivery, Wish Express promises to deliver a buyer’s order within a specified time frame. Due to our speedy fulfillment timelines, Teespring is able to offer Wish Express for our global listings. Currently, all rush eligible listings on Wish offer this shipping option. Also, Teespring has earned Wish’s Trusted Store status so all our products (even those that don’t offer Wish Express) receive additional online impressions through extra exposure to millions of shoppers within Wish’s global marketplace.


Boosted Network listing requirements

Guaranteed Delivery is in the process of being activated for all of Teespring’s eligible listings on eBay within the US. Wish Express is currently activated for all of Teespring’s eligible global listings (EU and US fulfillment).  

Make sure you’re opted-in to the Boosted Network within your account settings. Apart from that, there are just three things you need to do for your products to be eligible for listing:

  1. Your design must comply with Boosted Network Design Guidelines.
  2. You must have a good Seller Trust Score.
  3. Your listing’s lifecycle needs to be set to always available or continuous relaunch.

The best way to increase your number of Boosted Network listings is by increasing your direct sales—products with at least one sale are automatically prioritized for the Boosted Network. Also, don’t forget we released tech updates in December 2017 to simplify requirements for Boosted Network listings, for example, there is no longer a goal of one requirement. All listings that have been created or relaunched since December 2017 will “tip” when one item is sold regardless of design DPI or previous goal settings.


15 responses to “Sell more on Teespring’s boosted network with faster shipping options

  1. Melody Liton says:

    google Drive All my Design

  2. AMAR BERZANE says:

    Many thanks to Teespring for this very helpful tips and orientations
    yYou are the best.

  3. Shohana says:

    It is very helpful for me to sell more products

    1. Roxs says:

      Thank you Teespring , I do hope to at least sell my items now since getting traffic to my shop was challenging; Hoping for a new start.

  4. SAMSON says:

    Hi am new here and am here with something new

  5. SAMSON says:

    please i really need help in how to find buyers and sell

  6. shirley banks says:

    Do you have any decals of blue heelers w/o/ tail?

  7. Fish Bone Collection says:

    Thank you for the great information

  8. Eko nofianto says:

    How to start and listing my product to bosted network. Can i allow that program, even i never haven’t sell my product.

  9. eric hubbard says:

    i have been looking at other way i can broadcast my designs on other entities and to be more specific site and using the conventional word of mouth and posting it in groups on face book can any body give me some insight on how can i attract more attention through social media ?

  10. theodore leeks says:

    where are they

  11. MwS says:

    Hello friends,
    This days i want to launch my first listings…Can You tell me regarding “Trust score”, because im new on Teespring and i dont have previous listings i cant use “Boosted network” because i dont have at all “Trust score”…?!

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      You can learn more about how trust scores work here:

  12. Jenny franco says:

    What are the shipping costs?

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