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Sell in Europe: Norwegian fact file!

Norway is one of the top 10 richest countries in the world thanks to its natural resources! It’s also one of Teespring’s top 5 selling countries in Europe. Creators hoping to tap into this wealthy market can sell designs in English (as 91% of Norwegians speak fluent English) or translate their campaigns into Norwegian using Teespring’s translation services. Remember to select “EU” as your fulfillment region when launching campaigns to offer EU buyers the cheapest shipping and best turnaround times possible.

Looking for designs Norwegian buyers will love? Check out our Norwegian Fact File below for some inspiration!

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 1.Popular Jobs:

  • building and construction
  • tourism
  • shipbuilding

2. Population

  • 5.3 million

3. Top selling products

  • Standard. Unisex T-shirt
  • Standard College Hoodie
  • Standard Unisex T-shirt (S – 5XL)
  • Standard Women’s T-shirt
  • Standard Women’s V-Neck T-shirt
  • Standard Unisex sweatshirt

4. Top selling colors

  • Black
  • Navy
  • Royal
  • Charcoal
  • Azalea

5. Average selling prices for garments (including VAT):

  • Mugs: 79kr/£7/€8 – 110kr/£10/€11
  • T-shirts: 120kr/£11/€12 – 190kr/£17/€19
  • Hoodies: 225kr/£20/€23 – 350kr/£32/€36
  • Totes: 65kr/£8/€9 – 95kr/£10/€11

6. Popular design themes (sports and hobbies):

  • Skiing: 1 million*
  • Cycling: 650,000*
  • Fishing: 680,000*

*Facebook potential audience reach

7. Example ad copy. See more in our Translation Description Guide.

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8. E-commerce Stats

The Internet in Norway is everywhere (perfect for Teespring!)

Approximately 92 percent of Norwegians have internet access and this is equivalent to 4 million internet users. A DIBS-Ecommerce Study found that Norwegians spend the most time online.

In 2011, Norwegian men dominated online shopping  with €1,238 worth of online purchases in comparison to women, whose total online purchases stood at €602.

Facebook users for men and women:



*Drop us an email at translations@teespring for any Norwegian translations you might need.

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