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How smart SEO made Robiul a top Teespring seller in Bangladesh

Robiul Hasan is a full-time student and part-time Teespring seller. He was born and raised in Joypurhat, Bangladesh and supports himself by selling on Teespring. Most of Robiul’s monthly sales are generated through Teespring’s sales-driving service, the Boosted Network. When he’s not selling products he spends time working on his business degree, hanging out with friends, watching movies, and swimming.

He began selling with Teespring in 2015 after discovering the Teespring Bangladesh Community on Facebook.

I wanted to earn a living online. While I was searching for the best POD platform I came across Teespring and connected with Zafar Hossain Zafi (Teespring’s Bangladesh Country manager). I joined his Facebook group and started learning how to sell with Teespring. In our group Zafi and the other senior members shared helpful posts, case studies, tips and tricks, etc. I liked how they kept the community active and created a helpful environment for newbies like me.

Robiul Hasan wearing one of his successful designs

Robiul turned to the Teespring Training Center for more insight. He focused on organic sales because he didn’t have funds to invest in online ads up front.

Social media plays a huge role in eCommerce sales and I was able to become successful early on through my organic following. I attracted new audiences every single day to interact with my Facebook pages. The best content method is to post niche related videos (I look for viral content to share in particular). Based on my experience video content gets the most organic reach and attracts new followers.

My success story is a bit different compared to many others because I haven’t relied on ads for sales. However, I do plan to explore this more in the future. I think it’s important for new sellers to have proper knowledge and understanding of their niches before jumping into ads (similar to Alison’s Advice). To date, I’ve had the most success using Facebook Video Ads and Website conversion Ads.

Here is one of Robiul’s campaigns that sold over 185 units and generated $1600+ in profit.
Most of these sales came Teespring’s Boosted Network.

Robiul is able to earn so many sales from Teespring’s Boosted Network because he uses unique, high-quality designs and spends a lot of time optimizing his listings for search engines.

I feel fortunate because Teespring has given me a way to earn a stable, passive income. It’s great because there is little risk and a lot of my customers become repeat shoppers. I had my first big success during Father’s Day 2016 through organic sales and since then I always make sure to spend time optimizing listings to appear in search results. This is how I optimize my listings:

  1. This post in the  Training Center on listing descriptions is really useful. I also use specific hashtags whenever there’s a special promotion going on. For example, I used the opportunity to get added to the Boosted Network with Teespring’s #BoostedEU hashtag promo. I’ve already started getting sales from on the Boosted Network from these campaigns! You can subscribe to the Teespring blog to hear about new hashtag listings.
  2. I try to incorporate the most emotional phrases and words into my listing title based on the design I’m selling. I’ve found it seems to increase conversion rates.

  3. I’ve started adding questions for the customer in my listing description, for example, “Do you love to [activity]? If you love it then this [niche related] design is for you.” I think it helps the shopper identify with the design and increases the likelihood of purchasing.


  4. It’s essential to use specific tags and niche related keywords. I always use niche specific keywords in each of my listing descriptions. Make sure to use them in the listing URL too. I use Google keyword planner for inspiration. Just make sure you don’t list random words, you need to actually use them in sentences. If your description looked like you stuffed a bunch of keywords it can turn buyers off (because it looks spammy).

When it comes to testing new niches, Robiul says thorough niche research is the best approach.

Normally, I select a specific niche to try and I research and study the niche thoroughly before moving further. Then, I launch listings/designs based on what I’ve learned about the audience. I consistently analyze the data from my Facebook Ads to see what’s working too. Apart from evergreen niches I’ve also had success with creating listings that focus on trending topics and global events (this is where my organic sales come from mostly). I recommend new sellers start with an evergreen or classic niche (like nurse, career, hobby, etc.) and afterward start testing trending topics. If you don’t have money to invest you can still promote your products organically on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Robiul’s selling journey started off slow, but after cracking the code for success he’s able to financially support his family, help people in his community, and offer guidance to new sellers too.

Teespring changed my life. Nowadays I am making a profit every month and I can financially support my family. Steady income is hard to achieve in Bangladesh, and thanks to Teespring I don’t have to stress over where my next paycheck will come from.

I was even able to help my community during Eid Ul Fitr (a religious celebration) where myself and other sellers from the Teespring Bangladesh Community donated clothes to people in my village. It was so fulfilling to see all the smiling faces we created that day. Because of my success, I also receive more love and respect from my peers. I like to share my story and learnings with others so that they might achieve success too.



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  1. MH Sujon says:

    Congratulations to him washing more better results.

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    Congrats bro……

  3. Barid boron sarker says:

    May god bless you

  4. monirul islam shipon says:

    good job brother. go ahead.Allah fulfil your dream

  5. Jason Thomas says:

    This article is awesome and inspiring! If I may ask, what is the name of this seller’s shop? I’d love to check it out and maybe buy some tee’s!

    1. Robiul Hasan says:

      Haahahaha. Thanks, Brother.

  6. Md Abutorab says:

    Amazing Experience

  7. HK International Technology says:

    Congrats! Robiul Islam. He is our pride.

    1. Robiul Hasan says:

      Thanks Keep your prayer to me .

  8. mustafa kamal says:

    weldone bro…

  9. Arbaaz says:

    Inspirational!!!, congratulations!!!. I hope you sell tons more, and wish you all the success with your designs.

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    congratulations Robiul Hasan and always inspires me Zafi sir

  11. Little Sudip says:

    He is an amazing man.

  12. Rabi Ashi says:

    i cann`t understanding that i can use teesrping rightly can u help me please …?

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    I just started on teespring this week. I keep checking for sales, but so far I have not had any. I am looking for advice and new ideas.

  14. Joel fernandez says:

    This is awsomwe

    1. Joel fernandez says:

      I know

  15. Azeem Khan says:

    Masha Allah, Brother keep shining & keep helping people who don’t know how to work online.
    I’m also a new seller & from your success story I’m filled with new inspiration & going to do more and more hard work without losing hope.
    I already failed in 4 campaigns but I’ll be successful one day I know 🙂

    Love from Pakistan.

    1. Robiul Hasan says:

      Thanks, Brother . Inshaallah Keep your prayer!

    2. Robiul Hasan says:

      Brother i was got my first sale after 61 failed campaign 😛

  16. Neamat says:

    best of luck bro

  17. Emmanuel Louis says:

    Robiul, Congratulations for your success on Teespring and thank you for sharing your experience. Just keep it up
    My question for you is: since you said you did not have money to invest in paid ads, and you mentioned facebook ads. How did you get people to visit page.
    Thanks for responding
    Teespring Newby

    1. Robiul Hasan says:

      Yes fast time i haven’t much investment for paid ad that’s why i was used Teespring SEO strategy and rank my store in google shopping and get sale more and more and this time teespring boosted help me more for getting more sale 🙂

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    Go Ahead

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    Nice brother.I wnat to connect with your community.

    1. Robiul Hasan says:

      sure! You can! serch on the facebook “TeespringBD” then submit your request!

  24. Jasp says:

    What a great story!

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    vai ami onek campaign add korce. khub valo valo design ase but sell nai viwe nai kichu sujjest koren na. apnar facebook id ta den na vai kichu kotha bolte cai

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    Congratulations Robiul!! Your drive and determination is what makes you successful.

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    The heartthrob in congratulation on achieving best seller in Bangladesh. Go ahead.God bless you.

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    Congratulations. Hard work and passion deserve it.

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    Thanks everyone for reading my story!

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    I’m just uploading a T-shirt.Now how can i get the sale.please tell me a little bit

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