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Send merch to your Patrons with Teespring Rewards

Today we’re excited to open up a private beta program to the wider creator community. We’ve heard that fulfilling physical rewards can be a huge hassle. Enter Teespring Rewards, which makes it super easy to send merch to your patrons on Patreon.

By handling everything from production to customer service, you’re free to spend less time tracking down packages and more time creating content. No more licking envelopes, crying over mugs broken by the mailman, and agonizing over international shipping rates and taxes. We’ve got your back.

Please note that this is very much a beta experience—it is far from a fully fledged product, so we appreciate your patience and feedback.

Four simple steps

Step 1: Create your reward.

It only takes three minutes to create an account and launch a product to send to your supporters. Choose from among Teespring’s 50+ products, from mugs to t-shirts to pillows.

Step 2: Gather patron info.

This is the one people find the most cumbersome—the “who” and “where” of rewards. Patreon allows you to collect addresses at pledge, but if you’re offering apparel, you’ll have to get the sizes yourself. (They also have a nifty export tool.)

You’ll have to organize that information into a spreadsheet. Check out our templates in Google Sheets and Dropbox.

Step 3: Email with your patron info.

Please include your listing URL as the subject line, and make sure to attach the spreadsheet of patron data from Step 2.

Step 4: Pay with PayPal.

You will receive a PayPal invoice within two business days. After you’ve paid, we’ll start fulfilling your rewards.

Early results from the private beta

Our data scientists analyzed the financial performance of several hundred creators who run their e-commerce businesses with Teespring and also diversify their revenue with subscription platforms.

We noticed that the average Teespring buyer spends 8.6 times more on purchasing creator merch than the average patron’s monthly pledge. That means that a patron would have to remain at a pledge tier for 258 days to match the amount of money buyers are willing to spend on merch.

This got us thinking—maybe supporters (patrons, buyers) find merchandise to be a more compelling way to connect with content creators and thus opt into higher reward tiers?

We think the answer is, they do!

During the private beta, we asked a handful of creators to add a higher-priced reward tier that included physical merchandise. Early results have shown that it can increase monthly earnings by 50% to 100%.

What we’re hoping to learn

As we open up Teespring Rewards to more creators today, we’re hoping to gather valuable data and insights about the role merchandise plays in a subscription world. We’re hoping to answer questions like:

  • What’s the optimal cadence for sending out merch rewards—every month, or every three months?
  • What’s the ideal product to send as a reward? Apparel size varies by brand but how many posters can one own?
  • Are there other merch-related incentives, such as offering discount codes, that can be similarly effective in raising creator earnings?

The short answer is we don’t know, but we’re excited to find out during this beta. Please spread the word so we can gather data and learn from a diverse group of creators.

Got questions? Shoot us a note at

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