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Pro tips for advertising new products on Facebook

With the release of the new Teespring Launcher and product options, Teespring sellers can tap into new niches, expand their target audience and max sales from past buyers! We recently caught up with top sellers Ty, Keegan and Cortland for their best tips when it comes to selling non-apparel products. Continue reading for useful insight to help you step-up your ad game on Facebook and maximize sales this summer.

1. Some ad elements don’t need to change (Ty)

If you look back on Ty’s post on optimizing t-shirt ads, he shared specific examples regarding his ad copy and ad objectives. When it comes to selling non-apparel products Ty says his approach remains the same;

  • Photo posts are his top choice for advertising new products
  • Website conversion is his go-to choice for ad objective
  • Ty keeps it simple with 3 lines of ad copy
  • He also targets the same audience because they converted on his ads before


2. It’s all about quality ad images (Keegan & Cortland)

Keegan and Cortland said the biggest difference for advertising new products compared to apparel items is the ad image. They strongly believe sellers will get more conversions from ads when using quality, lifestyle images. You need to show the customer how they should use the product—so for new products plain mockups (that work well for t-shirt ads) are not ideal. Keegan and Cortland purchase Shutterstock images and have their designers create lifestyle images in Photoshop. The image below of a wall tapestry hanging over a couch is an example of one of their ad images—you can clearly see the design on the product and it’s obvious how the product should be used by buyers.


3. Watch out for too much text (Ty)

One of the more difficult aspects of advertising products like posters and canvases is understanding Facebook’s “text” limits for ad images. If Facebook decides your ad contains too much text they will limit your reach and the ad will flop. It’s hard to understand the exact criteria Facebook uses to determine whether or not your ads are okay…some images with tons of text are “fine” while others with minimal text get punished. You’ll just have to test a variety of ad images to see what works for you. You can upload your ad image to Facebook’s Image Text Check tool to see how they rate your ad image.


4. Optimize audience targeting with relevant interests (Keegan & Cortland)

When it comes to audience targeting you should make sure to add interests related to home decor brands and stores (like Pier 1, Williams-Sonoma, Zara Home, etc.). You can use existing audiences that purchased from you before, but now that you’re offering new products intended for home decoration, you should make sure to include these “interests” to appeal to the right audience.


5. Use videos and GIFs whenever possible (Ty)

As with Instagram, we know Facebook cuts a cost break for ads featuring videos and GIFs. Not only are these ads more eye-catching, they can still get organic reach and engagement costs are still low! If you have a look around Facebook you may come across some “new” advertising tactics sellers are using; they can be simple GIF “slideshows” of products, or cool 3-D videos. We’re all still searching for quality and cost-effective programs for making video ads, so in the meantime you can try your hand at simple, free programs like iMovie, GIPHY Capture, Gifmaker, etc. Remember to use “square” videos and images if you plan to include Instagram for ad placement.


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