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TeespringGo: How to source and sell custom plushies with Teespring

Who doesn’t love plushies? We’ve simplified the process to help you source and sell custom plushies as quickly as possible with TeespringGo. Check out the video below to see how easy it is to design and sell your very own plushie with Teespring.

Keep in mind plushies are not produced on demand. This means you will pay for inventory upfront before your listing is created. Teespring will handle inventory storage, listing creation, order fulfillment + delivery, and customer support too. All you need to do is design your plushie, purchase inventory, and start selling—we’ll handle the rest!

Once you’ve ‘unlocked’ plushies in the Teespring Launcher you’ll see the plushie request form. To unlock this product you need to increase your sales history and maintain a good trust score by complying with Teespring’s design policy.  


How to create the perfect plushie with Teespring

We’ve created a comprehensive plushie catalog (linked above) to help you design the perfect plushie. You can learn more about each option below. Keep in mind you can also request custom add-ons to your plushies (ex. accessories, collars, collectables, etc.) when you submit your request.


Before submitting a request you should have a clear concept of the plushie you want to create.  The more details you provide the better. In most cases, creators will submit a design file (EPS or PNG) along with a graphic that illustrates what they want the plushie to look like once created. In this example we can clearly see the size, resting position of the plushie, colors, etc.

Example of an image featuring product specifications that should be submitted with a request

The real thing!


Choose between different grades of PP Fluff (100% polyester) to stuff your plushie with. The option you choose depends on your plushie’s position—for example if your plushie is ‘standing’ then you may want to choose 7D or 15D stuffing. Please note bean stuffing is not available due to safety regulations. 

  • 3D: Provides mid-level elasticity, used for maximum flexibility and softness.
  • 7D: Provides limited elasticity and mid-level softness.
  • 15D: Provides mid-level elasticity and softness. Not suited for large plushies.


Resting position

Let us know the resting position you want your plushie to have. We may recommend a certain stuffing option in order to achieve the position you want.



We offer five different size options to choose from.



Choose between five different ‘fur’ or material options.



Choose the eye option best suited for your plushie—embroidery or plastic-abs.



How to sell custom plushies with Teespring

Here’s a breakdown of how the process works once you’ve designed your plushie.

1. Submit request

Once you’ve unlocked this product you’ll see a ‘Plushie’ product icon in the Teespring Launcher (to unlock new products you need to increase your sales count  and maintain a good trust score by complying with Teespring’s design policy). Fill out the form with your plushie characteristics and submit your request. We aim to process all requests within 24 – 48 business hours.

2. Order inventory

Once we receive your submission we’ll send you a non-refundable deposit payment link for $162.95. This deposit will go towards the prototype cost and any leftover funds will go towards inventory costs. Once the deposit is paid we will process your request and follow up with a prototype mockup and quote for approval. It’s important to note that the quote includes inventory transport costs and the cost of safety certifications required to sell your plushie.

Once you approve the prototype mockup and quote it can take up to 30 calendar days for the prototype to be created and shipped to you. When you approve the prototype* the next step is to pay for the full inventory order (minus what’s left of the deposit). Once full inventory payment is received your plushie order will be processed.

*Please note if you require multiple prototypes due to design modifications this may require additional payment if the $750 does not cover the cost of all additional prototypes.

3. Start selling

It will take about 100 calendar days for inventory to be produced and shipped to our facility in the US. We’ll take product photos and create the listing for you. We’ll make sure to set the listing to ‘private’ so you can make it public and start selling when you’re ready. After each plushie order is shipped the profit will be available for withdrawal within your Teespring account.  

Pricing  recommendations

Normally a plushie’s base costs range  from $6 – $12 but keep in mind there are many factors that can impact price like the combination of size, accessories, materials, etc. Also, any custom add-ons you request (outside of what is available in our catalog above) will increase the base cost of your plushie. 

You will decide how much profit you want to make per plushie. The most common plushie selling prices range between $15 – $30. Teespring charges a fulfillment fee which covers storing plushie inventory (up to 60 days from last sale), creating product mockups, fulfilling orders, and handling customer service for you. Our service fee is 15% of the selling price (minimum $2).  Pricing should depend on the base cost of your plushie and how much you think your audience will pay for this custom product. Let’s look at an example of how much profit you could make selling plushies with Teespring:

For example, you source 1,000 plushies with a base cost of $10 each.

You pay $10,000 total for the full inventory order.

The selling price for each plushie is $25.

Teespring’s fulfillment fee is $3.75 (because 15% of $25).

Therefore, your profit margin would be $25 (selling price) – $10 (base cost) – $3.75 (service fee) = $11.25 per plushie.

This means you’ll make $11,250 in profit once you sell all your inventory.   

Let’s do this!

Don’t forget Teespring will handle all the fulfillment logistics so you can focus on promoting your plushies. Once you’ve unlocked this product you can request your custom plushies in the Teespring Launcher. Visit our website to learn more about TeespringGo and the custom products you can source and sell with Teespring (like custom pins).



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      You will need to unlock this product to sell it – please check out our video about TeespringGo

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