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Picture perfect photo filters at your fans’ fingertips

Photo filters are a quick, easy way for your community to enhance the vibe of their imagery. Presets aren’t limited for photographers to sell—content creators and influencers are monetizing their photo filters too, and they are becoming an extremely sought after product for fans worldwide. 

Selling downloadable photo filters has never been simpler–and they’re perfect for showcasing and promoting on your social media feed. This featured set of creators sharing all types of content from different industries are selling photo filters on Teespring seamlessly.


Creating photo filters ready for upload 

The majority of creators that have chosen to sell downloadable photo filters on Teespring using the Digital Launcher have done so by creating them using the Lightroom app. Using this tool, you can create your own unique presets easily using a wide variety of settings and edit image adjustment and enhancement options. Learn more about Lightroom.

When preparing your preset filter to sell, insert one of your images to Lightroom as a cover photo, and save as a .DNG (for mobile) or an .XMP (for desktop) with your filter applied. This file type locks in the exact adjustments you’ve crafted, allowing your community to download and apply to their own photos right away. Be sure to provide both types of file format to enable fans to import them onto any device. Remember to upload your filters to the Digital Launcher packaged up in a compressed zip file.

Pricing for photo filters are completely individual to each creator. Base your pricing on how many filters you have included in your listing, as well as factor in the time spent and their complexity. Check out what prices other creators have used for their photo filters too.


Caroline Manning 

Lifestyle content creator Caroline Manning shares vlogs and social media content on her travels, fashion, health, and lifestyle. The first ever creator to start selling Lightroom presets with Teespring, she got an incredible response from her community. Photo filters were the best option for Caroline based on her fans interests and the style of content she creates. Followers can now have a similar aesthetic to her feed using her Summer saturation and Vintage disposable presets. 


Bonnie Rzm

Bonnie (fashion photographer) content creator guiding millions of other content creators, shapes her social media around empowering her community by helping them to capture and share powerful imagery. Since releasing her first Vibin Lightroom presets and featuring them on her instagram, she’s launched others. From Pop to Toast and Pumpkin latte to #NoFilter, they’ve been a huge success with her followers. 


Sameer Mark 

Fashion and lifestyle influencer and model Sameer Mark dropped a collection of presets for his worldwide following to download and purchase. Each photo filter has a different colorway and creates a selection of vibes to choose from for his followers; warmer presets such as Golden hour and Espresso as well as cooler presets like Ice. Using images from his Instagram feed, Sameer effectively shows before and after his unique filters have been applied.


Laura Jane Atelier

With an amazing brand centered around vintage inspired cosmetics, Vintage Doll Cosmetics, Laura Jane Atelier drops the cutest photo filters for her community to show off their new makeup looks. Tailoring her presets to her identity as a brand, she uses similar tones and colors to the illustrations used on her cosmetics packaging, merch designs, and her Instagram feed. Check out the Vintage 1940’s aesthetic on her storefront and Instagram.


Create flawless product descriptions

Ensure your product description explains exactly how your community can download and start applying your filter to their photos in Lightroom. Check out how Bonnie Rzm and Caroline Manning have linked to YouTube tutorials in their descriptions demonstrating how to start using filters after download. If a video isn’t for you, list out the steps clearly or provide an additional PDF in your downloadable zip file that provides instructions using your branding. Find step-by-step guides below for importing filters into Lightroom: 

Import presets into Lightroom: desktop
  • Once you’ve unzipped your downloaded file, open Lightroom and click File> Import profiles and presets and then select your .XPM files. 
  • To apply your filters, first open the image you want to edit. Open the Presets panel on the left of your screen and click the small triangle to open your preset group. Click the preset to apply it.
Import presets into Lightroom: mobile
  • If you already have Lightroom on desktop, your imported presets will sync with your mobile app. If you’re avoiding using a desktop, you can import preset downloads straight to your mobile device. 
  • If you’ve downloaded your zipped preset file from your phone, use an app such as Unzip to get access to each individual file. Once the files from the zip folder are saved to your camera roll, find the .DNG file. They may appear blank, but that’s normal. 
  • Open Lightroom and create a new album. Open it, tap the 3 dots in the top right of your screen. Go to “add photos”. Select the .DNG’s “from camera roll” or “from files”.
  • Go into the album containing your newly imported DNG files, and select the filter you want to start with. Tap “create preset.” 
  • When you land on the “new preset” screen, name it and choose the group you want to save it in. Press the tick on the top right to save.
  • To start using the preset, go back to your library and select the photo you’d like to edit. Find the presets icon along the bottom and you’re ready to go!


Everyone now has access capability to take their merch digital and begin turning their content into downloadable products. In the meantime, begin preparing for upload and sharing. Learn useful tips and next steps to take by visiting your Guide to digital products.




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