How to Optimize Your Teespring Listings for Google Shopping

Optimzing your Teespring listings is one of the most effective ways to improve the performance of Google Shopping ads. It’s as simple as updating your listing title and description and we’ll explain exactly what to do (and not do) in the content below.

Please note Teespring listings have a limit of 40 characters for titles and 1500 characters for descriptions—so choose your words wisely! When optimizing your listings you’ll want to include keywords and information that will help shoppers discover your products (add words you think shoppers will use to search for your product/design). Make sure to add the most important information within the first 150 characters of your listing description.

Check out the webinar the Google Team hosted for Teespring sellers below. The Google Team covers optimization tips starting at minute 14:15.


Optimization Do’s and Don’ts

In the webinar the Google Team discusses some of the specific ways Teespring sellers can optimize listings to improve discoverability and increase conversions. Let’s review some of the top tips you can apply to your current Teespring listings.


  • Do describe your design, the design theme, and/or your intended buyer (who is the design for).
  • Do use correct grammar and punctuation.
  • Do be specific and accurate.
  • Do incorporate keywords you think a shopper would use while searching for your product.
  • Do include the most important information in the first 150 characters of the text.


  • Don’t add the product type in the title. Teespring will automatically add the product type to the feed for you. For example, if you add ‘Unisex T-shirt’ in the title you’ll be wasting valuable characters.
  • Don’t use capitalized letters for emphasis—this looks spammy (i.e. don’t write BEST SHIRT EVER).
  • Don’t include comparisons or details about other products or designs.
  • Don’t include promotional text that isn’t related to the product (shipping info, delivery, price, payment options, etc.).  


Examples of optimized listings

Let’s take a look at some optimized listing examples. You’ll notice that we’ve incorporated more descriptive keywords—specifically ones that a shopper might search for if they’re interested in buying one of these designs. We’ve also added words to describe specific design elements as well as design colors, patterns, etc.  


Optimize your listings now

Updating your listings is super easy. You can go to the ‘Listings’ section of your Teespring account and edit your live listings manually. Learn more here.

The tips described above are not only beneficial for your Google Shopping campaigns, but can also enhance your Boosted Network listing performance too. Maximize your sales across Teespring by updating existing listings and applying these best practices to any new listings you create.

Ready to put these tips to the test?






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