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How to optimize Teespring listings for search engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can have a significant impact on your organic sales. Therefore, it’s worth putting extra energy towards writing a listing title and description using clear, descriptive keywords. An optimized product listing can get you better search rankings in both Google and Teespring’s Marketplace as well as improve your odds of being selected for buyer marketing listings. Pssst! Get more Boosted Network optimization tips below:


Why optimize listings?

SEO gets your products in front of more buyers and it’s easy to do! All Teespring products are indexed and searchable for Google (when you opt-in), and keywords can help improve your ranking in search results.

The same principle can be applied to Teespring Marketplace; there are thousands of buyers who search daily for specific designs…why not make it easier for them to find your products?  

Make sure you’re opted-in through your account settings

3 ways to optimize your product listings

There are several ways you can optimize your Teespring lisitngs. A few simple tweaks can go a long way when it comes to improving your search result ranking—and it will make it easier for us to select your products as we ramp up buyer marketing efforts and integrations.

1. The more specific the better

The best way to improve your chances of being ranked in categories and search results is to use a keyword-rich listing title and description. For example, a title like “Tattoo Grandmother Tee” is much more effective compared to “Limited Edition Tee”. We recommend avoiding generic and non-descriptive titles altogether. For example, when we’re searching for content to feature in buyer marketing or add to the Boosted Network, any listings with “limited edition” in the title will not be selected. Consider getting super specific with your titles (and compare the results); for example, if you’re focused on the gun niche, instead of using a general title like “This girl loves her gun”, include a specific type of gun in the title such as “This girl loves her AK-47”.

2. Choose keywords wisely

It’s important to remember you SHOULD NOT keyword stuff when writing product descriptions. Aim to write a description that is easy to read and describes the design and/or target audience (i.e. don’t just write a list of keywords). When it comes to choosing keywords try putting yourself in the buyer’s position—what words would your buyers (niche) use to describe themselves? What words would this audience use if they were searching for your design online?

Check out the sample description below, it’s pretty clear what the design is about and who it’s for right?

Example: This grandmother loves knitting

“Are you a grandmother who loves knitting? Or maybe you know someone who is? This shirt is perfect for those who can’t be separated from their yarn and needles…”

3. Don’t forget about the URL

It’s good practice to customize listing URLs with relevant keywords. For example, if the design is “Love my mom” try adding the words “shirt” or “mug” to the URL so you get “”. If you don’t want to add the product to the URL make sure you’ve got one or two keywords at least.


Are you ready to put these tips to the test?




9 responses to “How to optimize Teespring listings for search engines

  1. Ramon says:

    Hola quisiera saber donde se coloca exactamente la palabra shirt o mug en la URL o que pasos tengo que seguir. Saludos

  2. Hadeer says:

    Life step

  3. Millicente says:

    Thank you.

  4. Vernita Wright says:

    Thanks Everyone.

  5. Rasel Ahmed says:

    great content, thanks

  6. Vishal says:

    Recently last 2 years my organic sell goes down.
    I try all key word but not any single profit. What can I do? Please guide me.

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey, please check out our ultimate selling guide for some more tips

  7. Donald Berg says:

    I was wondering why, when I search in the search box for my products they don’t show up?
    An example I searched spider socks only 10 items show up but mine are not there. I’m I missing something?

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey Donald, marketplace search results are ranked based on an algorithm combining buyer search terms, listing keywords, sales history, and seller trust scores. To increase your ranking in search results we recommend optimizing listings, driving sales, and complying with our design policies. If you have any more questions feel free to reach out to

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