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Nine secrets to Teespring triumph

 You have a great design that you know people will love. How do you get them to buy? Here are our top nine secrets you may (or may not) know about.

1. Use ALL of the social medias

Post a link to your amazing and creative design to all of your channels. Post the design on Instagram (“link in bio”)! Pin your Tweet! Text your mom! If your audience doesn’t know the merch exists, they can’t buy it to support you. Make sure to spread the word far and wide.

2. Promote a TON in the last 24 hours of your listing 

If you’re offering limited edition merch let your fans know that they only have a day left to buy! The countdown timer gets people really excited. According to Teespring’s data experts, in the last 24 hours, up to one in five people who view the shirt will buy it! FOMO is real.

3. Offer new products

Use the new Teespring Launcher to create a variety of new products for your buyers. Don’t forget you can update existing listings too. 

4. Don’t forget popular add-on items

Stickers, mugs, and totes to are a popular add-on item for buyers at checkout.  Increase your buyer’s cart size with these items.

5. Write a catchy description that says who you are 

Remember to include your name, Youtube channel, blog, podcast, or Twitter/Instagram handle in the description. This makes it easy for people to find your Teespring listing when they Google “[Your Name] shirt.” Also, people are buying because they’re interested in your brand – telling them why the shirt matters to you will make them feel invested, too.

6. Message buyers to let them know about your newest design.

If it’s your second, third, or 100th time using Teespring, you can message past buyers to let them know about your newest creation. To access this tool, click on “Messages” in your dashboard.

7. Don’t feature a white product.

Fact: People are 80% more likely to buy a shirt when a non-white color is the featured product! You can totally still offer a white option if it looks good – we just recommend against making it the “featured product.”

8. Optimize your listings

Help buyers find your products through marketplace search. Optimize your listing title and description. Learn more here.

9. Use promotions to give buyers a deal.

People can’t resist a bargain. Give them $4 off for 24 hours, and people will flock to buy your merch. Note that your profit margin must be greater than your discount – read all about it here.

2 responses to “Nine secrets to Teespring triumph

  1. Sincere says:

    Number 8 is incorrect.

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      I’ve updated it – thanks!

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