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New to Teespring: DIY DPAS!


Just in time for Black Friday / Cyber Monday, you can now download your product feed to launch Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs)! Dynamic ads help to connect your multitude of awesome campaigns to each unique shopper on Facebook with relevant and timely product ads. We’re seeing strong results, including a 34% increase in click through rate and a 38% reduction in cost per purchase.

You can download your product feeds directly in your Teespring account – so be sure to fire those up in time for the holidays and let us know how your ads perform :).


And be sure to check out this Facebook tutorial for more information on how to upload your feed and run DPA ads:…/a/online-sales/dynamic-product-ads

Cheers to fantastic Cyber Monday, and the hottest Holiday Season yet. This is just one of many upcoming features that will boost your business to the max!

Bridget and the Teespring Team

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