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New tech update designed to secure your Teespring payouts

This week we’ve implemented another new update to help you protect your Teespring account. This update complements two-factor authentication, which is the most surefire way to secure your account, so make sure to set it up as soon as possible!

Payout email security check

From now on, Teespring will store your PayPal email or Payoneer ID information. Anytime you want to change the PayPal or Payoneer account associated with Teespring, we’ll ask you to confirm the change using a confirmation link in an email sent to your Teespring email address. Similar to the process to change your Teespring account email, you will have 24 hours to confirm this change, and if you miss the 24-hour window you can simply re-submit your request. It’s important to note that current sellers will not be able to generate a new payout request through PayPal or Payoneer until you have confirmed your account information.

Your verified PayPal email will be saved within your account settings (as shown below). Whenever you want to change it, all you need to do is update the PayPal email within your account settings and complete the verification process again. Your Payoneer ID (once verified) cannot be modified. Please contact Seller Support ([email protected]) if you need to change your Payoneer ID.




53 responses to “New tech update designed to secure your Teespring payouts

  1. Magarsa says:

    Hello, i wanted to understand how payouts work? I just completed my first sale and just needed to know if there was a certain time frame to wait before i am eligible to request a pay out?

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Magarsa – you can learn more about requesting payouts here.

  2. Armando Castillo says:

    I’m noticing the textbox to enter the PayPal address and complete a payout is not functioning.

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Are you still having this issue? If yes please notify [email protected]

  3. Kimberly Holliday says:

    Where can I request a bank check? I don’t see that option. All I have is PayPal or Payoneer.

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Kimberly! We’ve updated this setting, please request payouts via PayPal or Payoneer moving forward. You can learn more about payouts here.

  4. Mike says:


    The message I will use to confirm my PayPal email change is not sending to my teespring email address…the confirmation email is not sent. What should I do? Thanks in anticipation

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Mike – please contact [email protected] for help

  5. Nguyen Le Van says:

    Hello, i can’t get my payout because i don’t receive any “confirmation mail when i click “start payout”. Please help me.

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey there – please contact [email protected]

  6. Nguyen Thuong Van says:

    How do I change my payoneer account?

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Please contact [email protected] for assistance with this.

      1. Nguyen Thuong Van says:

        Thank you!

  7. amadeadaleo says:

    Hi! I am new here. I heard that this website is a place for all designers to campaign and sell their product. However, I am a bit confused – is there any obligations for the designers to pay to TeeSpring?
    Thank you.

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Amadeadaleo – nope – Teespring is free to use. 😉

  8. Jay says:

    I made my first sale yesturday and made $40 profit but at the payout tab it says I have NO profit to payout and to start a campaign… reason for this?

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Jay! For any payout related issues please contact [email protected]. Keep in mind the profits won’t be available until the print cycle ends (and order production beings). Orders are printed every 3 days.

  9. hasnana says:

    i just made an account in teespring but i didnt put any payment informations yet. i designed a phone case and it says that it is available for 3 days, but when i check the link of my product doesnt work and when i search for the title i cannot find the product as well… so i am wondring if this problem is due to the fact that i didnt put my banking information in my account or what can be the problem?
    is it nacessay to put this information from the biggining or i can put when i will want to get the money that i gained from sells

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Hasana – Marketplace search results are ranked based on an algorithm combining buyer search terms, listing keywords, sales history, and seller trust scores. To increase your ranking in search results we recommend optimizing listings, driving sales, and complying with our design policies. Learn more about trust scores here.

  10. Juan says:

    Is it necessary to have a verified PayPal account with a credit card? Can I use an unverified account? nowhere in the configuration section indicates that you must have a verified PayPal account with CC to request payouts and here you’re talking about a verification and I don’t know if you refer to the verification Teespring send you to the email or that one…

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Juan, we are referring to having a PayPal account that is completely set up and verified. Depending on your location, PayPal may ask you to verify your account using certain methods. On Teespring, we are asking you to add a PayPal account that is ready to receive payments. 😉

      1. Kiran says:

        The message I will use to confirm my PayPal email change is not sending to my teespring email address..the confirmation email is not sent now I cannot list more than 5 design !! what should i do now

        1. Kate Shoaf says:

          Hey Kiran – if you contact [email protected] they’ll be able to help you with this.

  11. Latoya Mcnaught says:

    I been registered with teenspring from November last year and i have done some designs and i and i would like to know, i received some case number what they are all about , i have a payoneer account how can i add it to my teespring account

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey there, please email [email protected]

  12. Ramesh says:

    I am unable to update the address info and get it verified.
    I am from India and how do I update my info settings.
    What do I select in the state dialogue box.
    User setting are not user friendly to be honest.

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey Ramesh, have you emailed [email protected]? They can assist you.

  13. Jardani Jovonovich says:

    I made my first sale on teespring later this week. So, the print cycle has ended and i got my Payoneer account completely set up. But, i cannot request a payout. The ‘Request payout’ button is kind of grayed out so i cannot request a payment (see:
    Please answer my question: Why i cannot request a payout even though the print cycle has ended and i have confirmed my Payoneer account by email?
    (btw my store is:
    Thank you.

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey there! Have you sent an email to [email protected]? They can help with this query

  14. Lucas says:

    I can’t change my paypal email. This message pops up “Confirmation must match new email address.”

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey please reach out to [email protected] for assistance

  15. Robert Baker says:

    I am not getting the confirmation email regarding my paypal account. I have tried many times. I have been trying to go live with shirt sales for a few months now and this is the latest in a huge number of setbacks. Please help!!!

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey Robert, sorry for the trouble. Please reach out to [email protected] for assistance with this query!

  16. Salman Kabir says:

    Hey i have a problem with my payoneer withdraw. The payoneer id is linked with my teespring but i can’t withdraw amount. Everything is verified I have much dollars in my account. I have sent email to [email protected] but their is no results.. Live chat can’t help me. Solved my withdraw. The payoneer withdraw button is disabled. I have much then 15$ to withdraw. But I can’t withdraw money.. Solve this problem

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey there, apologies for the delay. I would recommend reaching out via Twitter or Instagram for assistance!

  17. Driston says:

    I’m not getting a confirmation email for my paypal from Teespring. I’ve already tried contacting [email protected], but I still don’t know what’s going on.

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey there, I would recommend reaching out to us via our social media accounts!

  18. Todd Douglas says:

    I cannot seem to receive a authentication email to update my PayPal email address. I’ve double checked everything yet I still do not receive anything to this email which is my account email.
    Tee-spring won’t let me post any campaigns because of this.
    Thank you,
    Todd Douglas

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey, sorry to hear there’s been an issue with this. Please reach out to [email protected]

  19. Niman says:

    Hi i wanted to know, how to remover completely current paypal address and add payoneer account.

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey there, go to the payouts section of your dashboard and you are able to change your payment details there. Read more about your dashboard here:

  20. Priya Singhi says:

    Hi I am new to Teespring and there is an issue with my email address. I linked my account with facebook by mistake and now all the mails have been going to an email ID which has been disabled long back due to inactivity and that gmail account is not possible to recover and I wanted to change my email ID and I don’t know how to do that without my original email ID. It would be really great if you could help me out.

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hi Priya! Have you reached out to [email protected]? They should be able to assist you with your query.

  21. Shubham Bharti says:

    Hi, By mistake I misspelled my email id, and now that Id is registered. I tried changing my email Id but it won’t let me change it as I can’t confirm such link send to a non-existing account.

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hi there, I would send an email to [email protected] for assistance!

  22. Hildo Calderon says:

    hello, Im new to teespring. Everytime that i want to connect my Paypal account to teespring i get “Confirmation must match new email address.”. It doesn’t allow to me to connect paypal for some reason

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey, sounds like you could have an issue with your Paypal! Please try again, if you’re still having trouble please contact them or email us at [email protected]

  23. Abedin says:

    Why the payment has not been made yet even though I requested the payput, I waited more than 7 days??

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey there! Please contact [email protected] and we can for sure get to the bottom of this for you!

      1. Abedin says:

        I still have no answer for 3 days

        1. Luiza Jordan says:

          Hey, I have flagged this with sellers support and they’re going to reach out to you right away 😃

  24. moosa says:

    can you plz tell me which email adress is required in the settings of payout? I have payoneer acount,i am not understanding which email teespring is demanding in this section?what is the meaning of change pasword?is it payoneer login password or what?plz tell in detail.

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      hey, you need to enter the email associated with your Payoneer account that you signed up with.

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