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Create & sell exciting new products with the Teespring launcher!

Selling new products has never been easier thanks to the latest updates to the Teespring Launcher. Now you can add pillows, posters, canvas prints, and wall tapestries to new or existing campaigns.

Apart from instantly creating new products, you’re also able to add multiple products under one URL (even if your products feature different artwork)—so you won’t need to create a new campaign for each new product. This presents a great opportunity to push product combinations to your buyers and increase shopping cart size per order.

Keep in mind this update is just the start—we’re planning to fully optimize the launch process for seamless product creation in the future. Below you’ll find instructional videos, product details and other useful information to help you start selling these exciting new products.

  1. Learn about the latest products options at Teespring
  2. Learn about creating new products with the Teespring Launcher
  3. Learn about marketing new products to buyers




5 responses to “Create & sell exciting new products with the Teespring launcher!

  1. GumboLife says:

    Hiya guys how do you access the Teespring Launcher? I’m not seeing anyway to get access to it. When I click on Create new products at the bottom of the post it brings me to my existing products list. This is exactly what I was hoping you guys would add so I’m kind of excited 😉

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey there! You should be able to access it once signing into your account – just click “Start Designing” 🙂

      1. UnapologeticTee says:

        I also don’t see it. I’ve tried logging in several times, clearing browser history etc. I see the first screen but the rest is totally different to the video.

        1. Kate Shoaf says:

          Hey there – what happens when you click this link and select pillows for example? Do you still see the old launcher?

  2. Alaric Brown says:

    How can i get access to new launcher

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