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New niches & global markets to try this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up on May 25th and June 18th—don’t miss out on a lucrative opportunity to get your products seen and sold! Did you know that $13 billion was spent on Father’s Day last year? This is a big selling event on Teespring too, so start brainstorming those dad-themed designs and get in on the action.

Have a read up on Teespring tools that can help you sell more and check out our post on email marketing tips to ensure your emails are bringing your buyers back for more.

Not only is Father’s Day happening in the US and UK, but also in Germany and France (two of Teespring’s top selling EU markets). Even though people in these countries speak English, translating your campaigns can boost conversions and ad performance. Blue Level sellers can get campaigns translated for free by our Languages Department—so send your best father-themed campaigns to [email protected] now.

Get featured this Father’s Day!

We are always on the lookout for great designs to feature on and social media. If you’ve got a campaign you think would make a great Father’s Day gift then include the hashtag #FathersDay2017 in your campaign description. We’re also looking for specific products to feature so include these hashtags when applicable; #FathersDayHat, #FathersDayMug, #FathersDayTshirt, #FathersDayHoodie, #FathersDayCanvas, #FathersDayPillow, etc. Also, make sure the campaign’s lifecycle setting is either continuous relaunch or always available. 


What’s selling this Father’s Day?

Looking for new niches and design themes to try? We’ve put together this slideshow to help you get inspired.                                                                                                                                                                

You can always go with the traditional #1 Dad, Best Dad design route, but try getting creative with the things that people love about their dads—explore design themes like “Fixer of all things” “Life Coach” “Breadwinner”, etc. Also, keep in mind you can customize designs even more with different “dad” names like Papa, Dad, Daddy, Pops etc.

Also, try pushing product combos to increase cart size. Did you know you can combine hats with other products in your Teespring campaigns? Take a look at our latest post for more tips on hat design guidelines.

Shipping timelines & cutoff dates

Remember, Father’s Day in Germany is May 25. Father’s Day in the US, UK and France is on June 18th. In order to have your products delivered in time for Father’s Day, be sure to end your campaigns by the “standard” dates so buyers can take advantage of standard shipping prices. Once we pass the standard cutoff dates, buyers can take advantage of rush shipping to get their orders in time for the big day. Let buyers know they should select

Once we pass the standard cutoff dates, buyers can take advantage of rush shipping to get their orders in time for the big day. Let buyers know they should select rush shipping once we pass the cutoff dates by adding a note to the campaign description: Want this product in time for Father’s Day? See rush shipping options at checkout.  

Cut Off Dates (EU Fulfilment)

Father’s Day-May 25 (Germany)

  • Standard UK: May 9
  • Standard EU: May 4
  • Standard ROW: April 27
  • Rush UK: May 22
  • Rush EU: May 19

Father’s Day-June 18 (UK, France)

  • Standard UK: June 1
  • Standard EU: May 29
  • Standard ROW: May 22
  • Rush UK: June 14
  • Rush EU: June 13

Cut Off Dates (US Fulfilment)

Father’s Day-June 18 (US)

  • Standard US: June 7
  • Standard Intl: May 31
  • Rush US: June 12

Make sure to select EU fulfillment for UK and European campaigns and US fulfillment for US campaigns when launching—this will ensure the best shipping prices and speedy delivery for your buyers. Also, Father’s Day may be the main event this June, but there are other events going on too. Take a look at our EU and US calendars here.



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