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New metrics added to Teespring analytics

We’ve been testing the new analytics beta since December and today we’re ready to activate the new analytics for all seller accounts!  From now on you’ll have access to additional metrics within your Teespring Analytics—specifically URL parameters, traffic sources, and page views. This additional insight can help you identify your best promotional channels and URLs that drive the most traffic to your listings. This Thursday (February 8, 2018) the new analytics will be rolled out to all Teespring seller accounts.

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You’re now able to see the number of views your listings get on within a given period of time. You can see “views” on an account or listing level.


URL Parameters

URL parameters can offer valuable insight on which URLs are driving the most traffic and views to your listings. For example, in the screenshot below we can see a promotion code drove 65 page views ( Let’s say you shared this link within a specific Facebook group—now you know exactly how many page views you got from it. You can test different URL parameters to see which audiences are the most responsive.


Traffic Sources

This section shows you a breakdown of where your page traffic is coming from. For example, you can see how many views you’re getting from a variety of social media channels, websites, etc. Keep in mind these sources may also come from the Boosted Network (example is usually our retargeting ads).

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    Will you guys send checks to my house if I sell merchandise please

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      You can learn about seller payouts here: if you need further assistance please contact [email protected]

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