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10 Ways Teespring’s New Launcher Will Revolutionize the Way You Sell Globally

Over the last several months the Teespring Team has been hard at work making significant improvements to the way our community creates and sells products. With this new launcher update, we aim to simplify the launch process, save you valuable time, expand our future product offering, and give buyers an optimized shopping experience when they visit your listings. We’re still in the early stages of testing but so far we’ve found international shoppers are 2x more likely to purchase on global listings compared to non-global listings!

Today we will begin gradually activating this update within sellers accounts. We aim to give all sellers access to the new launcher update within the next few weeks. Once you’ve gotten access to the beta you will notice a change in the appearance of the Teespring Launcher—get a sneak peek of how you will be able to create global listings in this demo video.

Below we’ll discuss some of the immediate benefits this update offers sellers. Keep in mind the list below applies to new listings created with the new launcher (once you’re given access). In the coming weeks, we’ll release additional updates to continue improving seller and buyer experience on Teespring.

1) More products, more money!

Now you can add as many products and colors as you want—gone are the days of the 15 product limit! Easily combine apparel, accessories, and home products within your listings. You can offer all product types too…even ones that weren’t compatible in the past (like adult + children’s products). Also, the resizing issue some sellers experienced when combining certain product types (with smaller printable areas) is a thing of the past!


2) Fresh new mockups

Teespring product mockups are getting an update too! Based on your feedback it’s clear that shoppers prefer flat product mockups. From now on all upper-body apparel created in the new launcher (such as t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, etc.) will feature our new flat-lay mockups.  


3) Goin’ global

Global products save you valuable time and effort by removing the necessity to create separate EU and US listings. These products can be fulfilled within the EU or US—the fulfillment region is determined by the buyer’s location. We’re planning to continue expanding the number of global product options in the launcher so keep an eye out for updates.

Look for the globe icon to identify global products in the launcher


4) Worldwide domination

You can easily identify global listings within the “Products” section of your dashboard. If you see a globe icon next to a listing (under “Region”) this means it offers global products.

You can identify global listings within the ‘Products’ section of your Teespring Account


5) Selling around the world

Adding global products to your listings creates an optimized shopping experience for buyers. Global listings automatically display the best shipping rates and delivery timelines based on each buyer’s location. This update should help boost listing performance—during testing we found European shoppers are 2x more likely to purchase on global listings compared to non-global listings!


6) Get Boosted!

Creating global products increases your total number of eligible products that can be added to the Boosted Network. Now you’ll have the chance to benefit from more Boosted Network listings without having to spend extra time creating products for multiple regions. Don’t forget if your listing is intended for a specific language market (like French) we still recommend optimizing your listings with translations.


7) The price is right

Another improvement the new launcher offers is the ability to customize profit per region during listing creation. By default, the profit will be similar for global products (EU + US) and you can easily adjust the selling price displayed for both regions.  


8) Variety is the spice of life

Not only can you offer products with unique designs in one listing, you can now add additional designs during launch too! Select “Add More Products” during listing setup and add your unique design for each product type. If you’re listing is already live you can use the “Add to existing listing” option as well. Keep in mind you can’t add different designs for the same product type (for example, two unisex shirts with two different designs), but you can add different designs for different product types (see example of unisex shirt and ladies tee below). Use your listings to sell matching products to couples, friends, parents/kids, bachelor/bachelorette groups, and more—the possibilities are endless!

Example of custom ‘his and her’ t-shirts 


9) All it takes is one!

In December 2017 we took the first steps to removing the ‘goal’ concept from Teespring. Moving forward you’ll notice there are no selling goals associated with listings created in the new launcher. If you sell one product the order will go to print. It’s as simple as that!


10) It’s all about timing

Teespring has become a platform where people can sell products that are always available…and when the community shared feedback that the “End Time” countdown timer located in the “Products” section of seller accounts was a bit confusing we agreed! From now on you’ll notice a new “Next Print” section instead. “Next Print” indicates the time when current orders on your listing will go to print (print cycle). 

  • All products created in the new launcher will automatically be set to three-day print cycles and will always be available for purchase.
  • If you want to offer products for a limited time you can do this by updating your listing’s lifecycle settings after launch. Learn more. 
  • If there are no orders placed when the timer ends it will reset to three days and start counting down again.
  • Don’t forget print cycles won’t end on the weekends, so we may add extra days to the print cycle to ensure it doesn’t end on Friday, Saturday or Sunday—keep in mind orders will still be delivered within the correct timeframe.
  • You can choose to remove or add the countdown timer to all of your listings within your account setting as shown below. 




14 responses to “10 Ways Teespring’s New Launcher Will Revolutionize the Way You Sell Globally

  1. Julia says:

    Wow this great.

  2. Agbasimalo somto Christian says:

    Thanks a lot

  3. Ambika says:

    Hi there
    I have an question that can we share our design directly to Amazon?

  4. Brandon says:

    Can we still donate to charities? I’ve looked through the Launcher and post creation settings, and haven’t found the charity list.

  5. Sujay chatterjee says:

    How do I get the launcher ?

    1. Kate Shoaf Kate Shoaf says:

      I’ll add your name to beta request list.

  6. MARCO says:

    I dnt like the new way to design shirts because I can no longer put my graphics on the back of neck .. and you can’t stretch the image vertically so its difficult unless you design in a template.. you guys would have been better off adding print location.. Side an top of hoodie .. sleeves of hoodies, sweater and long sleeves .. back of neck logos.. short sleeve logos .. would be better than flags beach towels and tote bags

  7. ARK says:

    I still didn’t get the update..
    when I’m gonna get??
    I’m waiting eagerly.

    1. Kate Shoaf Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Ark! We’re opting in people little by little, I’ll submit your email for beta access.

  8. MICHAEL E. HILL says:

    I, like you’re Ideas, Ethics, Plans, GROWTH.

  9. Umer says:

    It is an exciting news and the new launcher seems very good for the sellers. But I have a question about the campaigns that are already launched. Will we be able to edit the existing campaigns with the new launcher? I mean due to the limitation of colors I have to launch two or more campaigns of the same design, will I be able to edit these campaigns so that all of the products show under a single campaign?

    1. Kate Shoaf Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Umer! These features can only be applied to listings created in the NEW launcher. This means you’ll need to create new listings once you’ve gotten access. Yes – with the new launcher there are no product or color limits. 🙂

  10. clothes says:

    That is a great tip especially to those fresh to the blogosphere.
    Brief but very precise information… Thank you for sharing this one.
    A must read article!

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