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Get $26+ profit with Teespring’s new on-demand jewelry!

Teespring now offers a totally new product category—jewelry! Our on-demand jewelry is hand-made and decorated in the U.S.A. All products are made of hypoallergenic surgical steel and items are also available with an 18k gold finish. Because products are produced on demand no upfront inventory is required—the product is created as soon as the order is placed. Sellers will be able to earn $26 – $32 in profit margin per necklace sale. Continue reading to learn more about this exciting new product option. 



We’ve partnered with ShineOn to bring you on-demand jewelry. You might already be familiar with ShineOn, which is also available through Shopify. You can get ShineOn graphic necklaces with Teespring for extremely competitive prices. Teespring’s necklace pricing is within $0.32 (gold) and $2.20 (steel) of Shopify’s ShineOn app pricing. Keep in mind customer support is not included with Shopify, so selling with Teespring will allow you to scale sales infinitely without getting bogged down by customer support. Check out the table below to see how we stack up.

You’ll notice the Shopify base cost is higher than what is advertised on their site—that’s because this is the true base cost once you include the processing fees (incurred from both Shopify + ShineOn) that are taken from seller margins.


Product details

To start, we’ll be offering graphic necklaces. Designs are printed directly onto the metal and a shatterproof liquid glass coating is added on top of the design to protect and preserve the artwork. 

  • Dog Tag Necklace: available with steel or 18k gold finish
  • Heart Necklace: available with steel or 18k gold finish
  • Circle Necklace: available with steel or 18k gold finish

Keep in mind the product details listed below will be visible to buyers on the listing page as well.

  • All jewelry features hypoallergenic surgical steel. Gold products are coated in 18k gold. 
  • All graphic jewelry features shatterproof liquid glass coating to protect and preserve artwork.
  • All jewelry is hand-made and decorated in the U.S.A.  
  • Dog tag necklace: features 24″ (45-56cm) chain with upgraded clasp and customizable 1.12 x 2″ (2.85 x 5.1cm) dog tag.
  • Heart necklace: features 18-22″ (45-56cm) adjustable chain and customizable 0.94 x 0.94″ (2.4 x 2.4cm) heart pendant. 
  • Circle necklace: features 18-22″ (45-56cm) adjustable chain and customizable 0.93 x 0.93″ (2.35 x 2.35cm) circle pendant.


How to sell jewelry with Teespring

Currently jewelry access is granted on a case by case basis. Our aim is to give all users access to this product and fully integrate jewelry into the Teespring Launcher. If you’d like access click the button below and let us know!

Once you’ve unlocked jewelry you’ll see the new jewelry icon in the launcher—from there you can select the specific necklace style you’d like to create. 



Design tips

There are tons of ways you can customize Teespring’s graphic design necklaces. Click the button below to access the design templates required for each necklace. Keep in mind this is a great gift for events like Mother’s Day too!

Make sure to follow the template instructions above and check out additional tips below:

  • PNG file format 
  • RGB colormode
  • 300 DPI
  • Photographs are accepted
  • Heart + circle necklace design dimensions: 2000×1959 pixels  
  • Dog tag design dimensions: 1075×2000 pixels 
  • If your design features a dark background, it’s a good idea to make text or other design elements transparent to make them pop
  • White or pastel colors will not show up on the final item (they will appear transparent)
  • Adding neon or bright colors into your design can make it stand out—these elements will have a cool translucent + shiny effect on them when produced

Visit the launcher now to see if you’ve unlocked this product and start creating!




5 responses to “Get $26+ profit with Teespring’s new on-demand jewelry!

  1. Andrew Lee Norwoodjr says:

    My name is it in Andrew look for doing the best designs for Teespring thank you☺

  2. Cat says:

    What size does the photo have to be & also do we need a particular resolution in the picture?

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey Cat! For the heart and circle necklaces the design dimensions are 2000×1959 pixels, and dog tag design dimensions are 1075×2000 pixels. Here is a link to the templates for each jewelry product

  3. Scott Nell says:

    Hey Lucy, Those are beautiful pics. I am wondering that you are using large dimension pixels for you photos doesn’t it slow down the page peed . I am saying this because I am also running an online store and I struggled with it a lot. Larger pictures has increased our page loading time. How do you deal with that? It would be great if you share your thoughts with us. Thank you in advance.

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey Scott, have you tried it compresses images without losing the quality.

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