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How Teespring is creating new growth opportunities for sellers

In 2012 online advertising was cheaper, less competitive, and t-shirts were selling like hot cakes. As a pioneer in the custom apparel industry, Teespring was one of the first companies to offer large-scale production for made-to-order items with no risk or cost to the seller. Fast forward to 2017 and the world of advertising is more expensive and competitive than ever. Shoppers want a bigger variety of high-quality products and sellers are looking to reduce their dependency on paid advertising.

The custom apparel industry is at a crossroads and how you react to this change will determine your success. Are you ready?

Teespring is dedicated to adapting to this continuously evolving industry and strategically positioning itself (and its sellers) for new growth opportunities moving forward. So how will Teespring (and you along with it) continue to grow in 2017 and beyond? Let us show you.

Diversified Distribution

How does one find new buyers if the main advertising channel becomes outrageously expensive? The answer is simple—divide and conquer, or, as we like to say, diversified distribution. Teespring released the Boosted Network with the intent of unlocking access to new buyer groups for its sellers. Instead of spending time and money acquiring new customers, Teespring sellers are able to benefit from additional marketplaces, providing more stability as you explore new ways to sell products. With over $3 billion worth of inventory listed across the internet, 300% month-on-month growth, and the projected run rate of having 100 million new SKUs uploaded by the end of 2017, the Boosted Network shows great promise for our sellers. Moving forward the growth possibilities become limitless as we continue to expand our list of marketplace integrations.

Product Listing Optimization

Optimizing product listings for search engines has been a large focus for our team this year and a big change in how sellers utilize Teespring and acquire new sales. Currently, if you search Teespring’s Marketplace you will notice a variety of new categories and campaign titles designed to help buyers find what they’re looking for. To date, we’ve seen 42% year-on-year growth from organic traffic and as we continue to optimize the Teespring Marketplace we expect the number of marketplace sales to continue to grow.

Repeat Shoppers

The fact that nearly 40% of customers return to buy more is testament to how Teespring’s commitment to buyer satisfaction has impacted our repeat buyer rate. You can check our customer ratings online too—Teespring has a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on the Better Business Bureau site and over a 99% positive rating on eBay. It is our goal to give shoppers a great experience no matter which marketplace they purchase Teespring products from—and we know their experience is vital to your success as a seller. As it becomes more expensive to acquire new buyers through ads, the value of your existing customers will increase. With Teespring’s satisfaction guarantee you can feel confident you’ll get the most value possible from your buyers.

Product Variety

In early 2017 Walker Williams, Teespring’s co-founder and CEO, promised new products to our seller community. So far this year we’ve added 8 new products and with recent updates to the Teespring Launcher, expanding our offering will be easier than ever. To date, new products have shown an average of at least 200% month-on-month growth and we’re excited to see this number continue to increase in the coming weeks. Product variety empowers sellers to offer new products to existing buyer groups and enter into new markets too.

Growth with Teespring in 2017 and beyond

The key takeaway from this post is growth. All of the initiatives we’ve been working on over the past year have been designed to benefit you—we know that when you succeed, we succeed too. The future looks bright and we’re excited to continue creating new growth opportunities for you in the years to come.





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