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Customize cross-sells with latest Teespring store update

Teespring Stores just got even better! Now you can select the products you want to cross-sell to shoppers. This is a useful feature for increasing your buyers’ cart size at checkout—resulting in more profit per order.

What are cross-sells?

Cross-sells on Teespring are featured in three places: campaign pages, checkout pages, and the thank you page after purchase. See below for an example of what cross-selling looks like to shoppers. In this case we visited an International Women’s Day themed campaign, and related designs from that store were suggested to us in the footer of the campaign page.

How can I customize cross-sells?

There are five cross-sell settings. You can adjust them in the “Storefronts” section of your Teespring Dashboard (see screenshot below):

  • Featured: We will suggest the products you’ve “starred” (featured within your store) to shoppers.
  • Bestselling: This is a useful setting if you want to push your most popular products.
  • Shuffle: Teespring randomly suggests products from your store to shoppers.
  • Newest: We’ll suggest the latest products added to your store.
  • Oldest: We’ll suggest the oldest products added to your store.

Please note: If a product is in multiple stores, we will use the most recent store to which the product was added for cross-sell logic.

Keep in mind you can customize cross-sell settings for all of your storefronts by selecting different pages in the “Storefront” section (as shown in the screenshot below) and then selecting “Cross-Sells”. 

8 responses to “Customize cross-sells with latest Teespring store update

  1. Sanjay Menon says:

    What is the teespring after purchase “thank you” page url?

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Sanjay, this is unique for every purchase!

  2. Tyra Mckoy says:

    What if someone steal my design’s?Is there a site where i can get free photoshop?im not a designer!

    Thks Tyra!

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Tyra, we have a strict set of guidelines in place to remove any copycats and protect your designs. That being said, we have a list of trusted designers that we recommend working with that you can check out here.

  3. SHIN says:

    I am facing a challenge to findout my store URL to run campaigns over social media. Could you help please.


    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Shin, here’s a link to your storefront that you can use to promote on social media:

  4. Jubire says:

    Hello, I choose to see the new products in my store, and I still see the old ones first. Do I need time for this to appear or it is some mistake? Please help me 🙁

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey when adding new products to your storefront, ensure to star the ones you want to see appear at the top. We have created a video on this here. It might not show immediately, but give it some time! If you have any more issues send an email to [email protected]

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