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Neck gaiters: what are they + how to design them

Did you know the active apparel category is worth over $48 billion and continues to grow every year in the United States? Today we’re introducing a new product that will help you tap into this massive market—neck gaiters!

Not only do neck gaiters look cool, but they’re useful too! These scarf + bandana hybrids are designed to keep you comfortable in extreme temperatures, protect from sunburns, and prevent debris from going into your face. People who wear neck gaiters are typically also into extreme sports, outdoor recreation (fishing, hunting, hiking, etc.), biking, and gaming. Try designing this product with these in mind! 

To create and sell this product, you’ll first need to unlock Teespring’s 20+ specialty products. This means you’ll need to maintain a good trust score and build up your sales history. Once you’ve unlocked neck gaiters, we’ll notify you via email.

Popular design themes

Neck gaiters are especially popular in niche markets. Outdoor enthusiasts, cosplayers, and gamers are all jumping on the trend. Most recently, this product has entered into the streetwear market with bold patterns and graffiti graphics.

Still need design inspiration? We have several patriotic holidays coming up in the United States to design for. Check out our summer holiday blog post for more design ideas.

Product details 

Neck gaiters are tube shaped and stretchy for ease of use. More product details below.

  • Comprised of 96% polyester, 4% spandex-brushed jersey
  • $10+ profit margins when sold at our recommended price of $27.99
  • Assembled by hand in the U.S.A. using the cut-and-sew method
  • Double lined for warmth and comfort
  • Decorated using sublimation for a vibrant, long lasting print

How to create neck gaiters


1) Create a design

To start, create a neck gaiter design following the specification of the design template provided in the Teespring Launcher. Please note if you don’t follow the specifications of the design template your request will not be processed. 

2) Submit your product request

Once your design is finished, head back to the Teespring Launcher and select the “Neck Gaiter” product icon. From here, you will be prompted to fill out a form with your listing details and design file. 

3) That’s it!

We aim to process your request within 24-48 business hours. Once your listing has been updated, we’ll notify you via the email address associated with your Teespring account. 



4 responses to “Neck gaiters: what are they + how to design them

  1. Avatar Rachel says:

    Wondering if any % of sales go to fibro research. I

    1. Avatar Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Rachel, you can set this up by emailing

  2. Avatar Jeana says:

    $27 seems very expensive. Why would this little piece of fabric cost so much?

    1. Avatar Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Jeana, $27.99 is our recommended price, not the base cost. You are free to lower the price if you’d like! The neck gaiter is double lined, assembled by hand, and printed using sublimation which accounts for the higher cost.

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