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Mugs: the essential drinkware addition to your merch offering

If you haven’t already, make sure to create and sell custom mugs instantly in the Teespring Launcher. 

This classic merch product is recognized worldwide–it’s a must when it comes to your product offering. Mugs are trending right now, especially as buyers globally are finding ways to enhance their day-to-day routine working from home. Last season, we saw a 240% increase in mugs being sold compared with last year. Throughout recent months, sales are still growing exponentially. 


Product details

If you’re not featuring mugs in your campaigns, you could be missing out on extra sales. Here’s a rundown of the product specs: 

  • 11 oz ceramic mug
  • Dishwasher friendly, microwave safe
  • The front and back print area dimensions measure 2.943” x 2.553” 
  • White base color 
  • Poly-coated for sublimation print, ensuring vibrant print quality 
  • The mug base cost is $8, we recommend you sell them for $14.99


The perfect complimentary item

Not only do conversion rates on campaigns that include mugs as additional items stay consistently high, we’ve seen the amount of items added to baskets at checkout increase as well when they’re involved. Consider applying your current merch designs to a mug and add it to your current listings. 

Mugs are an affordable option to add to listings in addition to other types of merch. Be sure to enable cross-selling in your storefront settings, so mugs can be suggested when previous buyers are viewing your listings. Also consider creating a promo code to entice your first group of buyers to purchase your newly dropped merch with a reduced price mug included. 


Ready to design and sell custom mugs and supercharge sales? Visit the Teespring Launcher.





2 responses to “Mugs: the essential drinkware addition to your merch offering

  1. Victoria Walker says:

    Are all mug handles white? If so, is there a way to have the entire mug colored the same?

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hello there! Yes, mugs have a white base color. You can use your designs the whole way around the mug 🙂

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