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#MothersDay2016 – get your campaign featured on!

Hey Springers!

Mother’s Day 2016 is just around the corner so it’s time to start launching “mother” themed campaigns! We have thousands and thousands of people visiting each day looking to buy tees. With Mother’s Day fast approaching you can take advantage of this traffic and gain more exposure for your campaigns by being featured on the homepage.

mother's day teespring

There are two ways to get your campaign featured in the Mother’s Day category on

1. Add the hashtag #MothersDay2016 to the description of any of your current mother-themed campaigns.
2. Add the tag “MothersDay2016” to any new mother-themed campaigns you launch (learn more about tags here).

We will search for campaigns containing this hashtag and/or tag and will feature as many as possible in the Mother’s Day category (visible to both EU and US buyers). Make sure you’ve opted in to be displayed in the Teespring marketplace (update “settings” in your Teespring account)!

Free Translations = New Global Buyer Markets

The USA, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland all celebrate Mother’s Day on May 8th. France and Sweden celebrate Mother’s Day on May 29th. If you’ve got a “mother” themed campaign that’s worked in the past, why not translate the design and target a new market? We’re offering a limited-time service and translating any “mother” themed campaigns for free during the month of April!To get your free Mother’s Day translations send an email to [email protected] with the Email subject “#MothersDay2016”. If you’ve never targeted a non-English market get tips in TSU now.

europe languages

Campaign Cutoff Dates

To ensure buyers get their gift on time for Mother’s Day pay attention to the following cutoff dates:

Mother’s Day – May 8, 2016
USA (select USA fulfilment region) – April 30th
Canada (select USA fulfilment region) – April 24th
Australia (select USA fulfilment region) – April 24th
Europe – Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland (select EU fulfilment region) – April 11th

Mother’s Day -May 29, 2016
Europe – France, Sweden (select EU fulfilment region) – May 2nd

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