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More product options = 15%+ more unit sales!


This month we announced the release of several new product options including yoga pants and hats – and we’re happy to report that we’re already seeing a positive impact on Creator’s conversions! If you didn’t know, mugs and totes have been available on Teespring for several weeks and have become a favorite add-on product for buyers. Not only are they new favorite with buyers, but offering additional products can actually increase your overall unit sales by over 15%!

How can more product options get you more unit sales?

When launching Teespring campaigns you’re able to add a combination of 15 products options – including distinct product types (shirt, hoodie, mug, tank top, etc) and colors. In 2016, Creators who offered 5 or more product options in their campaigns saw, on average, +15% more unit sales compared to Creators who offered 4 or less. Check out the graph below for insight on just how much offering a variety of options can increase your sales; campaigns with 5 or more product options sold 8% more units on average than campaigns offering 2 – 4 product options, and 15% more than campaigns offering just 1 – 2 product options.

sku-graphFor campaigns ending successfully in 2016, those offering 5 or more
product options on average sell 15%+ more units


Not sure what products to offer?

Check out our latest post on winter product trends for insight on the top selling products and color selections! You can also get design inspiration from our top selling designs themes blog post too.

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