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The digital product design tool vault

Welcome to the digital vault. Here you can find mock-up templates for your listings as well as design tools helping you to create digital products from scratch, with no design experience needed.

We’ve teamed up with Placeit to offer you 20% off your own subscription, giving you unlimited access to high quality mock-up templates for showcasing your digital products effectively. Your Placeit subscription also gives you access to their digital product design tools. Keep reading for insight and resources.

We’ve collected a variety of helpful (completely free) designs on Placeit that allow you to pick designs and customize them for wallpapers, zoom backgrounds, and streaming overlays. Use the links below to jump in and create these digital products without using any software. You’ll be ready to upload quality content to the Digital Launcher in record time.

Free Placeit templates

Creating a collection of effective mock-up images is a powerful tool for providing high quality imagery to show your digital product in action, demonstrate its usability, and showcase your amazing designs. If you don’t have a subscription yet for Placeit, find freebies above.



  • Feature a preview image of your book cover to generate interest for the valuable content inside 
  • Select a few pages of your book and drop them into an image to make it clear that your product is to be used on certain devices such as an ipad (and is an ebook, not a physical paper book)
  • As well as the templates linked below, try out these free tablet mock-up templates.

Ebook mock-up templates


Digital planner 

  • Showcase the planner’s design for buyers to see the planner in action and understand it’s usability
  • If there are stickers included in the digital planner, don’t forget to show them off
  • Use “in action” pictures (like a person holding a tablet or ipad) using the planner 
  • Try the Placeit templates we’ve collected below for digital planners or check out these free ipad templates.

Digital planner mock-up templates



  • Your wallpaper designs on several devices to promote value for money
  • Show your full bundle of designs if you have several ready to sell
  • Show your wallpapers in real life situations, like working-from-home desktop setups 
  • On Placeit, you’re able to adjust the background color of your preview image and also add branding such as your logo. Give the mockup templates linked below a go or check out free templates showing phones, desktops and tablets.

Wallpaper mock-up templates


Printable posters 

  • Select mock-up Images that show that the poster is printable and that it doesn’t come framed
  • Show your image printed in a variation of different sizes
  • It’s a good idea to use mock-up templates that show your poster in an interior setting so users can imagine it in their own space. Having recognizable objects or people next to your poster will show the scale effectively.
  • Take a look at the mock-up templates below or drop your poster designs into these free poster templates.

Printable poster mock-up templates


Coloring books

  • Showcase a book cover that summarizes your coloring book or collection of sheets
  • Feature your favourite pages 
  • Preview your coloring book pages both colored and empty so users know what to expect when they download. Use the templates linked below or use these free tablet templates.

Coloring book mock-up templates


Photo filters and image presets 

  • Consider utilizing image collaging apps such as Canva or Layout
  • Provide product preview images that show the ‘before and after’, so your fans will know what to expect
  • Show collages of the filter applied to your own images 


Once you have your mock-ups sorted, head to the Digital Launcher to start uploading your digital product files and preview images ready to sell and begin by preparing your digital products and content for upload.




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