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Meet Teespring’s creator team of 2018!

2018 is going to be a HUGE year for creators and creators are going to be a huge focus for us. This means more resources, direct communication and many new features and products all for you!

So who’s here to help? Meet your creator team leaders of 2018. Some of you may have already had the pleasure of talking with these three wise guys, but for those who haven’t, know that you are in good hands! They’ll be providing regular updates and announcements as Teespring further evolves into the ultimate merch platform for content creators of all kinds—whether you connect with your community on Youtube, Tumblr, Twitch, or anywhere else. Here’s to a big year ahead, we’ve got your back!

Check our team’s top tips!



Merch is one of the best ways to engage with your community. Design products that speak to your followers. Merch that represents you as a brand requires originality and creativity. Useless at art? …why not ask your audience! There are talented artists everywhere, you never know who could surprise you with a mind-blowing design. If you are looking to hire a graphic designer, Teespring has roster of Trusted Designers that we can connect you with. Simply reach out to one of the artists and you all can work out the finer points like design direction and commission structures.




Have a bunch of designs that you previously sold as individual campaigns that are collecting virtual dust on your dashboard? Now is the time to relaunch them all and stock the shelves of your own fully branded storefront! Other creators are generating passive sales from their classic fan-favourites all the while regularly adding fresh designs for their communities. You can still run limited edition campaigns for those special occasions, simply just remove the products from your store once time’s up 🙂 . Now all you have to do is promote your store link! If you need any store design tips or advice, just give me a shout on twitter @jared_teespring




Now you have your storefront set-up, you have just one link to spread across your social channels! Promote promote promote! Make use of each platforms capability to keep your merch link easily accessed. Youtuber? Promote in your videos and add the link to your description. Avid tweeter? Pin it! Instagram queen? Make use of Instagram’s new ‘follow’ feature for hashtags and get your community using a unique hashtag when they post about your merch! Want more tips on how to promote? Hit me up on twitter @lexteespring



Don’t forget! We have our handy Creator Guide that we are always updating with tips and tricks tailored especially for you. Stay tuned on our social media for updates! 

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10 responses to “Meet Teespring’s creator team of 2018!

  1. Joy Sio says:

    Thanks Teespring, sounds very good. You guys are awesome!

    1. Eludonoci says:

      I look forward to talking advantage of all the knowledge you guys can share. Please forgive me, Ms. Lex, if my use of the term ‘guys’ seems sexist.

      1. Lex O'Hara says:

        None taken! Check out the ‘Creator Updates’ tab for more from us 🙂

  2. Eludonoci says:

    I look forward to talking advantage of all the knowledge you guys can share. Please forgive me, Ms. Lex, if my use of the term ‘guys’ seems sexist.

  3. Candice Kirkland says:

    Hey Guys,
    I am thankful for all the new knowledge and different ways you are giving creators to be successful in their journey of teespring. I am so excited, I can’t wait!

  4. Matt Potter says:

    What brand of t-shirts do you use? I really like “Next Level”. Want to offer shirts for CrossFit workouts. Everyone I know loves how “Next Level” shirts fit.

  5. Richard Pollak says:

    Can a creator create a design, I just want to buy !
    White Large Long, Tshirt with Q modeled after the Arial view of the JFK memorial, One each’ in Print under’ “Q” “Code Of Ethics” & “Q” “Trust The Plan” !
    Also want;
    White Large Long, Tshirt with Yellowjacket ( as in resembling a actual Yellow Reflective Safety Vest ) That includes Q WWGOWGA & Q Great Awakening !
    Will accept designers design’ sight unseen, But first of ( any ) month, payment !

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Richard, you can buy a design without listing it online to sell. After launching the Teespring Launcher and selecting your item, select “buy” instead of “sell.”

  6. Eddie says:

    How do I get free simples of my merch

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Eddie, check out how to order samples of your own merch here.

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