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Are you ready to maximize sales this Mother’s Day?

Teespring’s personalized products are the perfect way to let your buyers show their love for their moms! UK Mother’s Day is just around the corner and the US is not far behind—are you ready to max your sales this year?  Don’t forget Mother’s Day in the UK is on March 26th and it’s a huge commercial holiday you won’t want to miss out on.

Get your designs featured on Teespring’s homepage

Do you want your Mother’s Day campaigns to potentially feature on our homepage?

Follow the steps below in for a chance of being featured:

  1. Add the hashtag #MothersDay2017 to the campaign descriptions of your mother-themed campaigns.
  2. Add the tag “MothersDay2017” to any new mother-themed campaigns you launch.

We will search for campaigns containing this hashtag and/or tag and will feature as many as possible in our Mother’s Day category.  Make sure you’ve opted in to be displayed in the Teespring marketplace (check “settings” in your Teespring account).


Designing for success

Remember in the UK “mum” is the most common way to refer to mothers (similar “mom” as we say in the US). Make sure to take this spelling into account as you adapt designs and launch ads to promote your products.

Check out sites like Pinterest for design inspiration and remember to keep an open mind when it comes to niches—not only are mothers celebrated on this day, but grandparents, auntie’s, LGBT parents, etc. are too!

The more personalized a design message is, the more likely it will resonate with your niche (and sell). Review your most popular niches and see how you can adapt them for UK mums—for example your “hockey mom” design could work as a “rugby mum” design too—or you could create a new design for grans (grandmas) that love to bike, dance or swim. The best way to test which of these niches work is to look at each audience’s potential reach using Facebook’s Audience Insights.


Get ready for Mother’s Day around the world

Start gearing up for more Mother’s Days celebrations. You can reuse and adapt the designs you create for Mother’s Day in the UK for other global markets. Use our free translations services to sell to countries like Sweden, Germany and Italy by contacting [email protected] (service available to sellers with over 100 sales on Teespring).

Upcoming Mother’s Day dates

March 26th: UK

May 14th: USA, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland

May 28th: Sweden & France


Order cut-off dates and rush shipping

We’ve passed the standard shipping cutoff dates, but your buyers can still get their items in time for Mother’s Day in the UK (by March 25th). Encourage shoppers to select rush shipping at checkout by including text such as:  “Want this product in time for Mother’s Day? Please see rush shipping options at checkout.” Keep in mind the rush shipping cutoff date is the date by which the buyer must place their order (not the day the campaign needs to end). 

Here is a list of current rush-eligible products you can include in your campaigns. Click here to learn more about how rush shipping works. Remember to select EU fulfillment when launching campaigns intended for UK Mother’s day so buyers get the best shipping rates and timelines. Below are our rush eligible products you should offer in your campaigns.


2 responses to “Are you ready to maximize sales this Mother’s Day?

  1. Nesar says:

    Hi, I wanna lunch a mothers day campaign. where i put this campaign? and can’t find Apparel category and subcategory. please let me know as soon as possible. best of luck.

    1. Carrie Pridgen says:

      Yes Iwill like to launch a mother day campaign for 2019

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