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Leveraging social proof to get more sales on Teespring

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon as well as a powerful tool for acquiring additional sales. It involves people copying the actions of others in an attempt to reflect “correct behavior” for a given situation—in short when people see someone doing something, they also want to do it. So how can Teespring sellers leverage social proof to get more sales? By encouraging buyers to share positive reviews and photos!


3 ways to encourage buyer social proof

Here are a few examples of how you can use Teespring’s tools to encourage buyers to share photos and reviews online. As you begin receiving photos make sure to download and save them for use in the future (like in buyer newsletters, social media posts, etc.)

TIP: Make sure to allow enough time for buyers to receive their order before contacting them for photos. If you encounter any buyers who are experiencing issues with their order please direct them to our customer support team using this form.

1. Host a selfie contest

Hosting a selfie contest is easy and it’s a great way to encourage social proof. You can use Teespring’s Messages tool or buyer emails to notify customers about the contest and direct them to your Facebook page. Check out these two examples of photo contests to host on your page.  

Comment for a chance to win: Once a week/month pin a post to the top of your Facebook page—in the post ask buyers to comment and include a selfie (wearing their product) and explain why they love it. Randomly select a winner to receive a discount code or freebie. Collect the photos in an album on your page and title it “Happy customers” for example. 

Vote for your favorite photosEncourage engagement and photo submissions with an interactive contest.

  1. Announce a selfie contest to your buyers and notify them of the day the winner will be announced (ex. run the contest for 1-2 weeks).
  2. Ask everyone to submit selfies wearing their product to your page via Facebook message or email. Be sure to instruct them to include a note about why they love their product or where they’ll wear it if they win the contest (if you’re doing a giveaway for example).
  3. Once you receive a few submissions create a Facebook album on your page featuring the photos and ask your followers to “like” (i.e. vote) for their favorite photos.
  4. Encourage people who have submitted their photo to share the album to get more likes (and increase their chances of winning).
  5. You can offer a special discount code, product giveaway, custom design, etc for the winner.


2. Exchange promo codes for photos and positive reviews

Contact buyers and ask them to submit photos and reviews in exchange for a discount on their next purchase. Keep track of the people who have submitted photos and use Teespring Promotions to create a special discount for these buyers. You can do a “call for submissions” once a month or each time you release a new design.


3. Thank buyers for their purchase with a photo feature

Who doesn’t love getting recognition? The point of collecting buyer photos is so that you can show them off to other potential customers. Ask buyers to submit photos for the chance to get featured on your Facebook page—you can also create a collage of buyer selfies for your store banner, or create a video from the photos to feature on your page. Check out the video below…how easy would it be for you to create something similar? Make sure to notify customers who are featured in your albums, banners, video etc.—they may end up sharing the content with their own friends and help you get extra sales.

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5 responses to “Leveraging social proof to get more sales on Teespring

  1. Juanita MERANCIO says:

    Please let me know that you fixed this ok

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Juanita – please contact [email protected] for assistance with your order.

  2. Paul says:

    Thank you very much!

  3. Ron says:

    I have customers wearing product photos how. Do i send in?

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey! thats great. Post them on your social media platforms and make sure you tag us–we love to see our creators’ designs and buyers enjoying them!

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