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Kickstart Teespring sales with a Facebook ad refresh

It’s no surprise that what we do is a grind. When you get it down to a formula sometimes it’s easy to only look at the next step, the next day, the next design, and the next campaign. It can be easy to forget about past winners when you’re so focused on your next step.

But what about that campaign that sold 300 in one run a couple months ago? It may get an organic sale in Teespring’s Marketplace every other day but you should fire that sucker back up. It’s already proven to be successful, after some time off it may have juice left in it for another run. This is a great way to overcome some of the summer blues in Facebook advertising—we know there’s sometimes a slight dip in June, so relaunching past winners can be a good way to kick start extra sales.  

Refresh past winners

When I say “refresh ad assets” I mean relaunch past ads. As I’ve explained before, we’ll usually run ads until they slow down—then they get paused and set on the back-burner till we’re ready to use them again. After a few weeks/months it’s a good time to revisit some of these past winners. There’s not a specific amount of time you should wait before refreshing…just go with your gut. In the past six days for example, we’ve generated an extra 494 units from designs we’ve launched over the past 2 years. We selected these designs a bit at random, not even designs that CRUSHED it, just a different amount of decent sellers. That is 494 units we wouldn’t have if we hadn’t relaunched the ads.

Keep it simple

When refreshing (relaunching) ads, you don’t necessarily have to update ad images or text—it’s already proven to be successful so don’t change something that worked. You probably don’t need to update the target audience either…you know they were previously interested in your product, but maybe they weren’t looking to spend money at the time. Keep in mind audiences also replenish with more or less people over time.

Tweak ads if necessary

There are a few instances where you may want to consider tweaking the ad. For example, a few weeks ago you were advertising hoodies…but now that we’re in summer you could update the ad image to feature a tee or tank, etc.

Relaunch some of your past winners and breathe life into them. Good luck!




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    Thanks for the tip Coffeetree! Janis KIRSTEINFINEART

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