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Most popular products to sell this Independence Day with Teespring

Independence Day, or July 4th, is a huge celebration in the United States. This holiday marks the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, an important event that lead to the development of the United States of America. Many Americans celebrate July 4th with parades, barbecues, and fireworks. It’s also a special day for people to showcase their patriotism and love for Old Glory (the U.S. flag).

Sellers can prepare for July 4th by creating products inspired by U.S. patriotism and designs featuring red, white, and blue. Check out some of our top selling summer products and learn how to create custom product collections shoppers will love.

Top selling products + combos

Independence Day is celebrated in July, one of the hottest months of summer! This means you should consider creating products designed to keep people cool when the weather heats up. Our recommendations include:

  • Tees + tank tops: in regions that experience heat spells, tank tops will be especially popular.
  • Beach towels: residents on the coast often head to the beach for the 4th of July.
  • Tote bags or duffles: with so many events to choose from, design a carry-all for buyers’ things.
  • Leggings: a comfy favorite and easy to combine with matching a matching top. 

A popular theme we’re seeing on Teespring is product collections and bundles to increase cart size. Sellers offer multiple products within a listing featuring the same design theme. This helps to increase order size because buyers purchase more products so they’ll have a matching set. You’ve got tons of options available in the Teespring Launcher and once you’ve unlocked our new specialty products there’s even more to create!

  • Swimsuits + towels
  • Sports bras, tank tops, or crop tops + leggings
  • Tote bags + hats
  • Blankets + sweatshirts


Design inspiration

4th of July design trends don’t change much year to year. Anything that focuses on patriotism, service in the armed forces, American pride, or the stars and stripes is a safe bet. Don’t forget to incorporate lots of red, white, and blue too! 

  • Popular sayings: sellers can add easily recognizable phrases to their designs to signify patriotism. Try taking lines from the Constitution, National Anthem, or Declaration of Independence to start.
  • State shapes: something very trendy at the moment (not just for July 4th) is patterns that incorporate states. State pride is just as popular as national pride in the U.S.
  • Military/Veterans: the veteran and military niches are very active on Teespring and have a loyal following. Please make sure to keep your designs respectful and in line with IP law.
  • Dates: why not incorporate the actual date into your designs? July 4, 1776 is when America was “founded.”

Shipping information

Below are the cutoff dates for Independence Day delivery (for July 3rd delivery). Once we’ve passed the standard shipping cutoff dates, buyers can still receive their products in time for Independence Day if they select rush shipping at checkout. Plan to initiate your listing’s print cycle on the standard shipping cutoff date to ensure shoppers get their order by July 3rd (and you can immediately relaunch it). For rush shipping, the buyer just needs to place their order by the “order by date” listed below (don’t forget to include rush eligible products to your listings) Keep in mind you can calculate the estimated shipping time for any country. Learn more here.

Please note our delivery timelines are normally faster than what is listed above, but it’s best to consider the maximum time to ensure delivery for the big day!

  • Domestic Standard Shipping: June 17th
  • International Standard Shipping: June 12th
  • Rush Shipping (Domestic): June 26th

Ready to put these design ideas to the test?



3 responses to “Most popular products to sell this Independence Day with Teespring

  1. Salwan says:

    Great…sounds promising…thanks for sharing!

  2. XTRNL says:

    U guys need caps and beanies added to ur merchandise list. We gotta take business elsewhere for that. Come on!

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey J., we do have these products available in the Teespring launcher!

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