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Get $5 off your first jewelry video with Teespring!

Jewelry is one of the hottest new items at Teespring! To help you optimize sales performance and increase ad engagement we’ve teamed up with ShineOn to offer custom product videos. 83% of marketers say videos create positive ROI so if you’re not testing video ads in 2019 you could be missing out.

All Teespring sellers will get $5 off their first video for a limited time. Submit your video request now to take advantage of this special offer (learn more below)! These videos will be perfect for boosting conversion rates—especially as we near the holiday season.


Video style options

You can choose between 3 different video styles for dog tag, heart, and circle necklaces. You can also choose between a white or black background.

  • Video of necklace with gift box (*note your video will feature the new white/black box)
  • Video of necklace without gift box
  • Video of necklace in hand

1) With gift box

Keep in mind your video will feature the new black and white box featured on your listing page. 


2) Without gift box


3) In hand



In the request form you’ll be able to choose between two background options—black or white.

Black background

White background


Get $5 off your first video

Creating your custom product video is easy. First, fill out the video request form, select your product, and upload your jewelry design. Next, ShineOn’s team will produce your jewelry product, film it, and then send the video to you. That’s it!

Don’t forget custom product videos normally cost $19.95 each, but you’ll $5 off your first product video with Teespring. When requesting your first video make sure to select the ‘first order’ option to get the $5 discount. 

Check the form for the link at the top!


Sell jewelry with Teespring

Want jewelry access? Let us know! There are a limited number of spaces available for jewelry access during the holiday season. Apply now for your chance to unlock this specialty product.




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