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Their iPhones, your aesthetic. Create iOS design packs your fans will love 📱

Uploading a digital product allowing your fans to customize the look, feel, and size of their iPhone menu has never been simpler and is the latest craze for communities globally after the iOS 14 update. Take digital wallpapers to the next level by designing and uploading your own custom icons, widgets, and wallpapers optimized for your communities iPhone devices. Keep reading to get inspiration, find out how to create and upload to the Digital Launcher, and how fans can download and start using them. 


Create unique designs your fans will love 

Create holiday themed widgets, icons and wallpapers to completely change the feel of your fans home screens. Use inspirational quotes, slogans your fans will recognize, images from your content or illustrations you’ve created. Consider launching a pack of designs for fans phones every holiday season—for example, you might introduce a festive iOS pack after the shipping cut off dates.

Fans can treat themselves to festive digital products like this with instant delivery and you can continue selling them right up to Christmas. Make sure the colors, shapes and designs you use are relevant to your brand and unique to you and your community. Do your research, making sure your designs do not infringe on anyone else’s intellectual property rights. Check out Sadie Aldis and Bonnie Rzm’s iOS design packs.


Preparing your design pack for upload

  • Make sure you include a variety of wallpaper options, large and medium sized widgets, and icons. For the best quality product, we recommend formatting your iOS design items as .png or .jpeg, ensuring they’re clarity by saving them at 300dpi resolution
  • Wallpapers dimensions should be 1125 x 2436 px
  • Small icons and widgets: 1024×1024 px
  • Medium icons and widgets: 1827×1827 px
  • Large icons and widgets: 2207×1036 px


Once you’ve got your design asset pack together, bundle them all into one folder and compress it (create a .zip file). That’s it. It’s worth giving your design pack a trial run and uploading them to your own home screen to make sure they all work correctly and they are the best quality possible before you upload to the Digital Launcher. Lastly, you’ll need to take some time to make sure your fans know exactly how to start using your design pack after download. You can include a video link to a YouTube tutorial in your product description to talk through setting up. Screen recorded walkthroughs also work well for promoting your digital product. Other alternatives include including a step-by-step PDF zipped within your downloadable file, or writing a step-by-step guide in your product description. We’ll explain the steps fans need to take below. 


Create an iOS design pack to level up your fans iPhone aesthetic 🌟 here’s how your designs can be applied… see pt.2 for widgets 😉 #ios #teespring

♬ original sound – Teespring


How your community can apply your home screen aesthetic pack 

Follow these instructions to test all of the design elements in your digital product home screen bundle. Also, make sure you provide clear guidance for fans to follow after download so they can start using your digital product right away.

Applying widgets and wallpapers
  • Once your fans have downloaded your design pack and saved them to their camera roll, in order to start using their iOS design pack, the first step is downloading the Widgetsmith app (it’s free!)
  • Once in the widgetsmith app, they can choose whether they’d like their new widget to be small, medium, or large. Then make default. Then, direct them to choose the image they’d like to apply from your design pack.
  • They must then go to their home screen, hold down on one of the icons on their home screen until they start to move, then select the + icon at the top left of the screen, selecting Widgetsmith. 
  • Then direct them to swipe and find the widget size they set up, and press ‘add widget.’ Press and hold, edit widget, and find the custom widget they just set up using your design. Tap and hold to position on their screen.
  • For your community to apply your background to finish off the aesthetic, they must go to their camera roll, select your design, click the options icon in the bottom left of the screen and select ‘use as wallpaper’.

Part 2: custom iOS Widgets ✨ Make sure your community know how to start using your digital product after download. #digitalproduct #ios

♬ original sound – Teespring


Begin uploading your iOS design packs for fans to enjoy over the holidays by visiting the Digital Launcher.







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