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Introducing: TeeX


The biggest contest in Teespring history!

We love to reward our communi(tee), so for the first time in Teespring contest history, everyone participating in TeeX has the chance to win BIG! This contest is about growing your business, setting new personal records, and showing the world that Teespring sellers are the most successful in the industry.

How does it work?

For six weeks you’ll be competing to grow against your own baseline (calculated for each seller, taking into account recent sales activity.) The more you grow, the more you win! For reference, just 10% growth unlocks a $.25 bonus on ALL your sales, and 300% will give you a $3.50 bonus!

We also know how much running a promotion can help with that growth, so we’re also offering a $.50 bonus on all products you sell with the 10% off or “free shipping” promotion.

If you’ve already got a Loyaltee status, you’ll be automatically entered into this program and you should receive an email with your personal baseline shortly. If you’re a new seller, or smaller volume seller, just click HERE to sign up for the contest!

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When does it start? The contest will start on August 15th at 12AM EST and run through October 2nd 11:59 PM EST

Who can participate? Everyone! No matter if you are a professional seller or brand new to Teespring, all sellers can win extra cash prizes in this contest.

How do I enter? If you are in the Teespring Loyaltee Program, you will receive a special message from Teespring with your personalized contest benchmark and prize options. For all other sellers or newcomers to Teespring, please sign up to receive your information and enter the contest.

How do I win? The more you grow, the more you win! Every week, you will try your best to beat your baseline target. Depending on the percentage you sell above this baseline, you will receive a cash bonus on top of your normal profits. Again, sellers in the Teespring Loyaltee Program have already received their baseline goals, and all other sellers must sign up to receive their goals.

What do I win? On top of your normal payouts, you will receive a weekly cash bonus based on how much you sell over your baseline.

How will I know how I’m doing? You will be notified of your progress directly in your Teespring Seller Dashboard, and regularly through emails and notifications. To find your Tee^x statistics, visit your contest tab (coming soon) in your dashboard to check progress and see how you’re tracking towards your prize!

IMPORTANT: We want to be able to run these contests often, and we want them to be fair. To prevent anyone gaming the contest by creating a new account or teaming up, we’re capping the bonuses at the 300% growth target. If you are a legitimate seller and you believe you can grow by more than 300%, please contact [email protected] to get approved for bonuses past 300%. Anyone found out to be teaming up or switching to a new account will be automatically disqualified.


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