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Passionate politics are Teespring’s top-selling trend in 2017

The most successful campaigns at Teespring all have one thing in common: a strong emotional connection with buyers. Create a design people are proud or happy to wear—or one that expresses an opinion they feel strongly about.

Trendwatch: International Women’s Day (IWD 2017)

One topic that incites emotion from all sides is politics. The next big political event to watch out for is “A Day Without a Woman.” The strike is being held on International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2017. Based on the millions of worldwide participants in last month’s Women’s March, you can be sure social media will be abuzz.

Need design inspiration? Start with political signs from past events. Get inspired and start researching new messages people will be excited to wear. Check out the slideshow below. 

Here are the details:

  • What: International Women’s Day March / A Day Without a Woman
  • Why: Promote gender equality, support reproductive rights, and push for labor rights
  • When: March 8th, 2017
  • Where: Large cities around the world 
  • Who: Men and women worldwide (1.8 billion people on Facebook)

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Political trends are often spotted first on Twitter, a super useful channel for testing your political designs.
  • Use your design to support a cause with Teespring’s “Verified Contribution Badge” that tells buyers that a portion of your profits go to charity (IWD’s nonprofit of choice is WAGGGS). These badges help boost credibility and virality.
  • Consider using your personal social media accounts to participate in online communities to share your designs. Participation means not just promoting your products—it also means joining a movement.


Get to know your audience

The audience size for this event on social media is very large. On Facebook alone there are over 235 million women between 18 and 60 years old in the United States and Europe (103 million in the US and 132 million in Europe).

Check out these examples of targetable pages. Look for similar interests on Facebook for your ad targeting.


How one political message sold 48k units in 10 days

The “Nevertheless, she persisted” campaign is an extraordinary example of how a political trend can turn into a top-selling Teespring campaign. After noticing the #ShePersisted trend on social media, Matt launched a design on Teespring featuring a simple message. The message resonated with thousands of people and in just 10 days Matt’s products generated over $400k in sales revenue and sold over 48k units! Matt’s story demonstrates how the right message combined with online trends can have incredible results.

Notable buyer trends from the “Nevertheless, she persisted” campaign:

  • 91.64% of buyers were women
  • 99.43% of buyers were based in the US, 0.48% in Canada, 0.09% in the UK
  • The campaign originally went viral on Twitter and spread to other social platforms

Find the next big trend

Turn on the news or sign on to social media and it’s easy to see that politics are a trending topic. If you’re looking to gain design inspiration from trends check out Tweetdeck, Tweetbot, Facebook Trends, and Reddit. These political trends present a valuable opportunity for you to develop designs and messages buyers can use to express their political views (just ask Quinisha!). Make sure to share your products on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook to increase their chances of going viral. Submit your campaigns below for a chance to get extra exposure and sales!




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