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Increase your sales (and profit) by 60% with a summer sale!


This summer, give yourself a promotion! Offering your customers a discount is one of the best ways to instantly increase your sales. It’s a strategy that’s used by the best brands in the world, from Nike to Billabong, Lululemon to Uniqlo.But the most surprising part? Running a sale not only increases your sales, it also massively increases your profit, your customer’s happiness, and how often they come back and shop with you.

In the rest of this blog post we’ll explain why starting a ‘10% off’ sale today will increase your sales by 60% instantly, and increase your profit almost as much (even if you advertise!).

Here’s why you should run a 10% sale:

  1. Running a 10% off promotion increases the chance that someone viewing one of your products will buy (the conversion rate) by an average of 60%. This is true for both first-time buyers and returning customers.
  2. A 60% boost in sales means a 60% boost in profit, and that boost in profit easily pays for the discount you’re giving your customers (even if you’re spending money on advertising).
  3. Customers who buy from a promotion tend to be happier, and are more likely to come back and buy again.

All these factors make running a ‘10% off sale’ sale a win, win, win: More sales, more profit, more customers (who are more likely to come back and buy again).

Ready to get started? Click here to start your ‘10% sale’ and increase your sales by 60%!

Cheers! The Teespring Team


  • 60% conversion rate is from our data on sellers who have run promotions in the past, and is consistent even controlling for factors like repeat buyers, sales channels, types of sellers.
  • Even if you’re running advertising, you’ll still make far more by running a ‘10% off’ sale.
    • You could think of it as increasing the value of each visitor who comes to your page by 60%, while not impacting the advertising cost.
    • Quick example: If you’re making $13 profit per sale and spending $8 to get that sale, you’re making $5 profit for every $8 you spend. With a 60% conversion lift, you’ll be making $21.80 ($13*1.6) for the same $8 of spend.


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